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ATV Fenders

When it comes to your ATV’s visual appeal, there are two components that really stand out on a first impression: the front fender and the rear fender. They’re the most colorful, stylized parts on your quad. Unfortunately, as with all parts, they can wear out. Under the right kinds (or wrong kinds, as it may be) of use, they can crack, fade or downright break. While there are a few tricks you can pull off to make them last as long as possible, they’ll never look new again. But that doesn’t mean that your ATV can’t ever look new again. Even a relatively old quad can gain new life through replacement ATV fenders.

At Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, we want to improve your quad as much as you do. That’s why we’ve got plenty of Maier fenders in stock and ready to ship. The only thing you need to do is identify what you want. Give us the make, model and year of your machine, and we’ll do the hard part, eliminating whatever won’t fit your ATV and showing you what will fit it. After that, it’s all up to your personal preference with available colors. Try it out now to see what could soon be on your ATV.

Latest ATV Fenders Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Polisport Front Fender

    Polisport Front Fender

    Jonpaul in NM

    Shiny new plastic always looks good

    hiny new plastic always looks good, Did have to clean the mounting holes a little but nothing much

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  • Polaris Double XL Front Fender Flares

    Polaris Double XL Front Fender Flares

    Rob in CO

    These XL front fenders are designed to look basically the same as the factory fenders, just wider to minimize the mud & water that gets slung in the front and back seats. I like the look being the same as the original fenders to keep the same basic stock look and so they match the back fenders. Some other fenders are too wide and look obnoxious. These are a nice combination of extra protection without changing look of RZR too much. They fit great and super easy to install, took less than 10 minutes a piece with just 4 screws.

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  • Polisport Rear Fender

    Polisport Rear Fender

    adam in OH

    one more

    been through a few of these all my fault lol fit is always good plus a reasonable price

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  • Can-Am Super Extended Fender Flares

    Can-Am Super Extended Fender Flares

    Brandon in MT

    2103 can am maverick super extended fender flares

    I didn’t get any instructions but all in all took me but a hour and 30 mins to install. I’m very pleased with the coverage and durability. They are very strong and they match the body factory look. 2013 Can am maverick 1000xrs

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  • Tusk Replacement Fender Rivets

    Tusk Replacement Fender Rivets


    Fender Rivets

    Good Fit, Easy to Use, Great Replacement and Stronger than Factory Rivets

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  • Acerbis Rear Fender

    Acerbis Rear Fender

    karen in MS

    Exactly what we needed for my son's bike. Se t in a very timely manner. Great quality.

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