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Luggage from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Take your gear on the ride with industry leading bike luggage at great prices.

Latest Dual Sport Luggage Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Wolfman Wolf Tail Bag

    Wolfman Wolf Tail Bag

    GARY in FL

    I love this bag

    I bought this bag for my 1190R that see's as little pavement as absolutely possible and get's ridden in places it shouldn't sometimes. When I pop off the Tusk Panniers to trail ride, ALL of the Must Have essentials for a day or two on the trails & forest two track, fit into this bag comfortably, I've not expanded it yet. I have extra ROK straps and thought I'd use them to help mount this bag so that I'd have peace of mind that it would stay put. Not necessary, I mounted this bag with the provided strap/mounting and have not had any issues in the first 1100 miles no adjustments at all not one. Wolfman is IMO good quality and fair priced, you get what you pay for. I have three other Wolfman bags and have never had an issue of any kind with any of them...same thing dealing with Rocky Mtn online or on the telephone, no issues, all good with me.

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  • Tusk Aluminum Panniers with Pannier Racks

    Tusk Aluminum Panniers with Pannier Racks

    GARY in FL

    Tusk Panniers and Tusk rack

    If you're willing to pay 70% + more for panniers and rack for your bike, I get it. Been there, done that. Is it better quality? Probably so if you looked into it very closely. Is it worth the difference in price? Guess so, I justified it once and bought a set of those $1800 bad boys from somewhere over round Germany maybe. And without a doubt, they make some real nice quality stuff for sure with a "name" stamped across every flat spot of each pannier that's instantly recognized for quality around the world. Kinda like, "I have arrived" if ya know what I mean? If that's the direction you are kinda aiming, go for it, pull the trigger if you can justify the price, I don't think you'll regret it. You can stop reading now. For those of us that don't have world travel aspirations but love to get out in nature for a few days at a time, ride the forest service roads and do some two track exploring type stuff, I highly recommend this Tusk product. Had one small quality control issue with right rack hole alignment, was off just under 3mm no matter which bolt was slightly threaded first. Yes I took pictures during install. Quick fix to elongate slot. Also, the install instructions highly recommend having another set of hands there to hold the panniers in position while you mark the holes that you have to drill to mount quick disconnect mounting plates. I did not have anyone help me with this install. I'll be 63 in a couple months so yes it can be done solo but much more time consuming as you'll have to take very detailed measurements and be patient. That's the reason I gave it a 3 on both ease of installation and fitment. Now to the good stuff! These things are more than plenty rugged, welds and powder coating are top notch, weight of the boxes feel very light yet have Zero bend or flex, rack structure completely stiff, no flex solid mount, hardware and latches are very nice looking, locks work perfectly one key for all four locks and a 2nd key for you know what. Now for the crash dummy part....Yep, because thread lockers need time to fully "cure", I waited for the next day to do the shakedown run, VERY impressed! These things don't make a sound, not a rattle, not a sound, fully loaded or not doesn't matter, I forgot they were there a few times and got away with it. 2nd ride with these on the 1190 we were supposed to be on FS and fire break roads but things happen and found ourselves working thru a forest not even on a path and I whack a tree with the right pannier at very slow speed but fast enough that it woulda face planted me on the left side had my front not been in slight rut to the left. Again, I'm very impressed. The lock was the first thing that came into contact, it and the upper front of box was pushed back maybe .500-.625" and tearing one corner of lid which I've straightened out with a small polymer dead blow hammer. On the pannier, I haven't tried to pound it back out yet but think it'l work out fine. The lock, latch still work perfectly and guess it still seals pretty well too since didn't see any water in box after washing. I haven't dropped the pig on a rocky trail yet but have been down on both sides in sand/clay,,,again, solid product, nothing, no bending flexing denting of either box. Easy on and off, just loosen internal knob lock, pull pin back, lift off bike, back on just as easy. Here's the deal for me, now I know the quality of this product, if for some reason i cant repair this box I damaged to my satisfaction, I'm very OK with being able to order another complete pannier & rack set up, Same of course, to pay for my error,,,and still have less invested in total than what one pannier may cost elsewhere and that's gonna give me a complete back up set of any thing else i might try to tear up down the road. That's way cheap insurance from where i'm sit'n especially given the fact that on many exploring rides the terrain can change drastically in just a mile or two and when that damp clay covering slick stone gets a little thin and wet it can interesting in a hurry on a these 550-700 pound ADV bikes. Think I better go ahead and order my 2nd set now. IMO there is no other major accessory product made that can deliver a better bang for the buck. Awesome product. Hope this helps and if I've confused anyone, it happens, my mind doesnt work very well anymore, I'll just say this, you're either in the first group or the 2nd. If you're in the 2nd, i highly recommend this product. Gary B

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  • Wolfman Enduro Fender Bag

    Wolfman Enduro Fender Bag

    Joseph in FL

    Limited capacity

    I cut notches in fender as recommended but doesn’t feel very secure. I can only fit one heavy duty tube in bag. Quality bag but limited use

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  • Givi B47 Blade Tech Monolock Top Case

    Givi B47 Blade Tech Monolock Top Case

    Steve in WA

    Great box

    I have the Blade 37 for a couple of year and it work great. Just bought the B47 for longer trips.

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  • Wolfman Enduro Tank Bag V1.7

    Wolfman Enduro Tank Bag V1.7

    William in WA

    Low profile with plenty of room

    I like the discreet profile of this bag, as I tend to stand over the tank when taking certain terrain.

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  • Tusk Top Rack

    Tusk Top Rack

    Jason in SC


    Great rack. Relatively easy install. Really sturdy construction. Hold all my gear and some.

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