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ATV Suspension Covers

Do you need to protect your shocks from sand and dirt while you’re out riding? ATV shock covers might be just the thing for you. Thanks to a convenient Velcro strip, they’re a breeze to install. All you need to do is slip it around your shock and make sure the strip is in place. That’s it!

These covers fit securely over your quad’s shocks, keeping them protected from whatever your off-road adventures throw at you. Over time, this can save you on suspension repairs due to premature wear.

Who should use shock covers on their ATV? If you frequent the dunes, they keep the sand out. Think about what sandpaper might be like rubbing around on your shocks and seals – that’s what you’re protecting your quad from when you use shock covers. Similarly, if you enjoy a good trip through the mud, covers can do wonders. Covers are truly a set-it-and-forget-it accessory, allowing you to focus on having fun. Even if you race, front shock covers can help offer a little protection against roost.

A secondary benefit of adding shock covers is that they mix up your quad’s appearance. We have several excellent styles and covers to ensure that you aren’t just getting great protection, your also getting a product that looks fantastic on your machine.

Don’t allow the grit of the ride to get the best of your ATV’s shocks. Get some shock covers today!

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