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Dirt Bike Fork Oil

Dirt bikes ride on rougher terrain more than any other type of motorcycle, hands down. When it travels over whoops or hits a 20-foot motocross jump, its suspension is tested in ways that a street bike will never face. That means that dirt bike fork oil needs to be specially formulated to meet the rigorous demands of off-road riding. No regular motorcycle fork oil will do.

When you need to know where to buy fork oil, look no further than Rocky Mountain ATV/MC! We carry a number of options. Would you like 5wt fork oil? We’ve got it! Do you prefer synthetic fork oil? It’s here! Regardless of your preferences, we have the suspension oil you need. We carry the big names that you trust for your dirt bike, including Bel-Ray, Maxima, Motul, Pro Honda and many more. When only the best fork oil will do, you know that you can rely on Rocky Mountain ATV/MC!

We pride ourselves on our impressive selection, the lowest prices in the industry, our highly acclaimed customer service and our unparalleled business policies. Whether you’re a first time visitor or one of our many lifelong customers, we invite you to shop with us. You can’t go wrong with Rocky Mountain ATV/MC!

Latest Dirt Bike Fork Oil Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Bel-Ray High Performance Fork Oil

    Bel-Ray High Performance Fork Oil

    Glenn in CO

    Oils well that ...

    Nice that Bel-Ray offers a 7W in this fork oil. Yearly changes should insure a plush, dependable ride.

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  • Bel-Ray Water Proof Grease

    Bel-Ray Water Proof Grease

    Justin in FL

    Use this on my airfilers to seal. Good all around greese. Highly reccomend

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  • Maxima Suspension Clean

    Maxima Suspension Clean

    Gary in VA

    Would buy again

    Great for cleaning Forks and shock parts. However the nozzle will leak when spraying. I thought it was just a defective nozzle but all the ones I ordered were the same. If you press the nozzle all the way down it sprays hard and fast and wont leak bit uses alot of the product. Only leaks when barely pressing the nozzle button to keep from spraying so much product. Drys fast and leaves no residue.

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  • Maxima Racing Fork Fluid

    Maxima Racing Fork Fluid

    mark in TN

    Great oil

    It is my normal oil I use for my 2 stroke dirtbikes, chainsaw and weedeater. Been using it for many years and no problems.

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  • Yamalube S1 Suspension Oil

    Yamalube S1 Suspension Oil

    Kyle in VA


    Great oil, a little expensive for just a liter in my opinion. It’s the only oil you should be using in kyb forks regardless of what anybody else tells you. There was just enough to do two forks on the newer generation kyb forks for Yamaha’s

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  • Race Tech Ultra Slick Seal Grease

    Race Tech Ultra Slick Seal Grease

    Nate in FL

    No issues here

    A must have if your doing your own suspension services.

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