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Michelin Dual Sport Motorcycle Tires from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Michelin dual sport motorcycle tires in multiple sizes with the best prices.

Latest Dual Sport Michelin Dual Sport Motorcycle Tires Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Michelin AC10 Dual Sport Tire

    Michelin AC10 Dual Sport Tire

    Dustin in KS

    Good Tire

    This tire was very aggressive for a dual sport tire, its basically a dirt bike tire with a DOT rating, however it did handle very nicely on pavement, very well balanced!!!

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  • Michelin T63 Road/Dual Sport Tire

    Michelin T63 Road/Dual Sport Tire

    Sky in FL

    Great 50/50 dual sport tire

    I put both front and rear T63 tires on at the same time and used them for 1,200 miles. Front had 6 mm tread left and rear had 8 mm of tread left when removed. I used them about 80% off road and liked the performance except for deep sand. But sand performance was probably poor due to heavy bike. Like any off road tire they work better with less air pressure. I used them around 14 psi off road and never had any damage. Rear tire was great in mud. Very stiff sidewall. No chunking or unusual wear. I would buy again if I planned to ride more street miles.

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  • Michelin Desert Race Tire

    Michelin Desert Race Tire

    Don in AZ

    Higher in price, but pays for itself if tubeless

    Running in rough desert conditions tubeless at 8PSI. Corners as good or better than the Dunlop AT81, holds up as good or better than the Bridgestone ED77. For desert and rocky mountain trail conditions I have found the goldilocks tire. The dunlop AT 81 corners real well, but started shearing side knobs after about 10 rides. At best I got 4 months out of it, but it really should have been replaced in about 3 months. I went to the Bridgestone ED77 which lasted all of 11 months before I wore the side knobs down due to friction. While durable the ED77 never really cornered that well even when new. The Michelin Desert Race is the best of both. It has the same 90/90 profile as the AT81, has the same ability to progressively let go due to staggered side and intermediate lugs, holds on much longer prior to letting go, and all signs point to a 1 year tire. I would go through 3 to 4 AT81s in that time frame, so the $100+ price pays for itself real quick. Have even run it for about 10 rough desert miles with 0 PSI due to a tubeless setup issue. Pay close attention to the setup/install sequence with the tubeless kits and you shouldn't have that issue. Lesson learned. This is my go to tire, that all others will be measured by.

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  • Michelin Anakee 3 Rear Adventure Touring Motorcycle Tire

    Michelin Anakee 3 Rear Adventure Touring Motorcycle Tire


    Outstanding Tires

    The Anakee 3's replaced a worn out set of Anakee 2's on my V-Strom. There is some howling while at lean but it is not bothersome. Sounds kinda cool actually. On smooth, polished blacktop there is an occasional howl. The grip and traction are outstanding both in wet and dry conditions. I ride 90/10, two up and have over 7500 miles on this set. There is still 4/32 tread in the center and 6/32 towards the edges. I run the tires at 42 PSI. I will be ordering a second set when they eventually wear out. I expect to get around 10000 miles or more out of the set.

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  • Michelin Anakee 3 Front Adventure Touring Motorcycle Tire

    Michelin Anakee 3 Front Adventure Touring Motorcycle Tire

    William in New Hampshire

    NOISY Trumps Excellent Handling

    Purchased front and rear Anakee 3s about a month or so ago for 2008 BMW R1200Gs with 13K miles on it. Put about 1,000 miles or so on the tires at factory recommended pressures. Great cornering stability, wet surface traction, etc., but they are the NOISIEST tires I have ever owned or ridden on! 40-45mph and 60-65mph ranges are worst for incredible howling - - sounds like a wheel bearing is going or your tranny is on its last leg. Actually hurts my ears at times. In spite of their strengths in handling, etc., these tires are poorly designed for reasonably quiet road travel - - which is what most R1200GS owners are primarily using their bikes for. Michelin should have pulled these from the market a long time ago. And shame on BMW for deciding to use them as standard equipment on R1200GS models of recent manufacture. Who at Michelin or BMW actually TESTS any of these products? Would never buy this product again, because UNREASONABLY LOUD ROAD NOISE trumps just about everything in my book . . . especially with a bike that sports a heritage of quiet operation.

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