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Custom Motorcycle Tires from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

O.k., so you’re anything but ordinary; requiring a custom motorcycle tire for your bike. We get it and we have it. If stock motorcycle tires aren’t wide enough for your bike, check out our selection of custom street bike tires that support your motorcycle - and your individuality. The Avon Cobra AV72 motorcycle tire and Dunlop Elite 3 Radial Touring tire were specifically constructed for stability, longevity and to handle heavy loads while the Metzeler ME880 Marathon is available in extra-wide and custom sizes for exceptional handling and performance of custom motorcycles.

If you still have questions when purchasing custom motorcycle tires or street bike tires, simply call us at 1-800-336-5437 or use our online chat forum to get the answers you need. We’ve been providing quality tires for motorcycle enthusiasts for over 28 years and we know our stuff. We also know that every rider is different, requiring different riding gear and tires for their unique riding style. You can count on us to have the custom motorcycle tires you need at prices that will leave you enough to fill your gas tank. Get street bike tires that are as unconventional as you are – only at Rocky Mountain.

Latest Custom Motorcycle Tires Reviews Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Avon Cobra AV71 Front Motorcycle Tire

    Avon Cobra AV71 Front Motorcycle Tire

    Danny in Nevada

    best tire I have found for heavy bikes

    After going through 2 Bridgestone Battle axes, and only getting 7,000 miles out of each , then trying a Bridgestone Exedra and getting 8,500. on the front. I decided to try the Avon Cobra when I went darkside on the rear. I could not be happier with the Avon, 11,000 miles so far, and just starting to show wear. Great handling tire and runs quiet. Best tire for a heavy bike....

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  • Avon Cobra AV72 Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Avon Cobra AV72 Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Rene' in Oregon

    Crazy Lean Angels Found Here

    I'm getting ready to install my 3rd set of Venom's on my GL1800. If you want the best grip and handling in wet or dry these tires are the bomb. I ride aggressively in the twisties and fast and have no complaints at all. For tire life, I see 7 to 10k on the rear and about 15k on the front before replacement is needed. Tire pressure is always set to 41 PSI and checked routinely. These hoops are silent when corning and allow you to flick the big girl in transition corners like no other. If your concern is strictly long mileage....go elsewhere.

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  • Dunlop Elite 3 Radial Touring Multi Tread Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Dunlop Elite 3 Radial Touring Multi Tread Rear Motorcycle Tire

    pete in Mississippi

    19k miles

    I have almost 19k (18,756) on my rear tire and it and it hasn't gotten to the wear bars. I keep 41 lbs in both. I'm very pleased with Dunlop Elite 3 especially since I have gotten as little as 8k out of some rear tires!

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  • Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra Front Motorcycle Tire

    Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra Front Motorcycle Tire

    Brian in ND


    Smooth riding tire. Handles well on road

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  • Dunlop Elite 3 Radial Touring Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Dunlop Elite 3 Radial Touring Rear Motorcycle Tire

    G-man in Oregon

    2008 GL 1800, tire wear on E3

    2 yrs ago on the advice from a Goldwing expert, I installed the Centramatic wheel balancers for GL1800 Honda Gold Wing. The reason was to lengthen the life of my Dunlop E3's, and make the ride a tad smoother (Wings are already smooth, right?). Anyway, I just had to replace my rear E3 at 12,700 miles due to a cut in the tire from road debris. This is to tell you that I still had an easy 5,000 left on the tire, and the tire/tread looked great. I've been using Dunlops for 25 years on Wings, and the only negative I have to say about the Dunlop E3's is the tire howl in every turn.

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