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Metzeler Motorcycle Tires from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Metzeler motorcycle tires have a long and proud history that covers more than a century. For years, they have been the tire of choice by countless motorcyclists all around the world. In fact, Metzeler’s product line has been dedicated exclusively to motorcycle tires for several decades now. This intense focus shows through in the tires they produce. All of them are champions, providing exceptional grip in a variety of weather conditions. It doesn’t matter if you find yourself riding wet or dry, you can’t go wrong with a set of Metzeler tires.

If this were the only accolade used to describe Metzeler, it would be enough for many. But in truth, it’s only the beginning. If you’re looking for a tire that will last longer than its competitors, you can’t go wrong with Metzeler. It isn’t unusual for a motorcyclist to gain 50% longer tire life after switching. Don’t believe it? Just take a look at the numerous customer reviews. There is no doubt that people are happy when they ride with a set of Metzeler tires.

We offer a large selection to properly represent Metzeler’s offerings, including the legendary ME880, M3 and M5 tires. We’ve also got tires optimized for nearly every type of bike – cruisers, touring motorcycles, street enduros and more. Many are even designed for heavier bikes, providing performance where other tires fall flat (so to speak). Pick up a set today to discover the Metzeler difference!

Latest Motorcycle Metzeler Motorcycle Tires Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact O-Spec Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact O-Spec Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Trevor in CA

    Very Satisfied

    Ordered these after a ton of research and narrowed it down to these and the Pirelli Angels. For the price and the rebate at the time, I went with z8's and am pleased with my purchase.Update from my review on the front tire: Treadlife is still good after 6k+ mi about 1/2 commute & 1/2 Southern California twisties. I picked up a nail in the rear less than 1k after I bought them. After i pulled it out I saw the nail went in sideways & didn't fully puncture the tire. Have been riding on it ever since and still good to go. All in all I would definitely buy them again.

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  • Metzeler Tourance Next Front Motorcycle Tire

    Metzeler Tourance Next Front Motorcycle Tire

    Daniel in CO

    Metzeler Tourance Next front tire

    Love this tire, also have one on the rear. I am very hard on tires but these rate high for me because they do very well on wet pavement conditions or dirt. Tread life is seems to be better than other brands for my riding style.

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  • Metzeler Tourance Front Motorcycle Tire

    Metzeler Tourance Front Motorcycle Tire

    David in NC

    One of the dest tires for a heavy dualsport. Were 8...

    I have been using metzler tourance tires for over 10 years. They have worked great in both wet and try riding. In temps from below freezing to over 110deg. My typical miles for a set is about 12000 give or take depending on my riding. As i ride about 100 miles a day to and from work plus just plain fun rides. I order then on line. And either have them installed in shop or do it myself. They are my go to tire.

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  • Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra Front Motorcycle Tire

    Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra Front Motorcycle Tire

    JAY in FL

    Too dangerous

    The tire treads are pointed the wrong direction for indicated rotation which makes it bad in the rain. The tire would vibrate on bends in the road I thought I had a bearing problem but it was just tire

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  • Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra Rear Motorcycle Tire

    JAY in FL

    Got a good long wear from it on I75 in the hill country of Florida they’re some pretty nice curves up there and I would have to slow down cause it felt like it was slipping at speeds above 70 it would hold better when it was warm 75+f

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  • Metzeler Sportec M7 RR Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Metzeler Sportec M7 RR Rear Motorcycle Tire

    William in GA

    Excellent in the dry, Amazing in the wet

    I used these almost exclusively on the GA, NC, and TN mountain roads. Total Miles 3202 miles (rear starting to touch the wear bars in a few spots, fronts plenty of miles left. Some cupping on the rear but that's my suspension, not the tires and less cupping than Bridgestones have shown) Dry: -Very quick turn in compared to the S21 and BT016 I've ridden on before, surprisingly responsive. -Front does surprisingly well trail braking, very stable and responsive. -Only time I ever felt movement was getting overly ham fisted near the end of their life coming out of a hairpin. The rear twitched a hair without any slide and was very communicative. Wet: -This is why I got these since I ride in the rain fairly regularly. They touted as tires for all conditions so I said why not when they had a rebate. -On the mountain roads, they were very grippy and didn't seem to lose any responsiveness. The fastest I've taken a road in the wet was on these tires, they just inspire confidence by how well they respond and how smooth they feel. -I was around 500 miles into them and took the highway home. Rain was pouring down, side wind was whipping the rain off semis and cars blowing across lanes of traffic, water was falling faster than it could drain, and these just stuck and tracked as long as I kept myself small against the bike.

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