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Pirelli Motorcycle Tires from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Pirelli manufactures premium tires for motorcycles, with high performance on all roads and in all weather conditions being their #1 priority. Many international racers use Pirelli motorcycle tires due to their high performance and reliability.

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC has a variety of Pirelli motorcycle tires and street bike tires to choose from. If you commute daily on your motorcycle before transforming into an adventure motorcyclist on the weekend, check out the Pirelli Angel ST motorcycle tire with patented balancing technology. Out of the Pirelli Rosso Generation tires, the Diablo Rosso 2 is the sportiest and most versatile, making it perfect for all riding conditions.

Once you purchase your tires from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, you may need help installing them, which is why we have a huge selection of instructional videos that you can easily access online. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC has thought of everything when it comes to buying and installing motorcycle tires and street bike tires.

Latest Motorcycle Pirelli Motorcycle Tires Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Pirelli MT 90 A/T Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Pirelli MT 90 A/T Rear Motorcycle Tire

    RAY in BC

    Good tire for 90/10 riding

    I have used these and is my tire of choice on Big KTM, they are the stock tires and grip very well in wet or dry conditions. I have tried other tires, but for all around on the big bikes, these are the best! Always use recommended tire pressure on pavement, or front tire tends to wear unevenly and cause headshake when worn to 50% or less. Tip: Increase tire pressure a few pounds until headshake is gone.

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  • Pirelli MT66-Route Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Pirelli MT66-Route Rear Motorcycle Tire

    David in Florida

    Actual mileage on set of tires

    Total confidence in the Pirelli MT66 tire. 20,155 odometer reading when installed on 12/27/2010 32,487 odometer reading when replaced on 03/21/2015. No issues until worn out, you will know they are worn out the first time you get that " pucker factor" on a gouge/ripple in the road. 12,000+ miles is good enough for me. Let me know whats better and I may try them.

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  • Pirelli Sport Demon Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Pirelli Sport Demon Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Thomas in MO

    Good stick, bigger then average

    Use this on the front of my ST1300. Tire is bigger then other 130/70 18's I've used. Barely cleared the front fender. But as far as stick, excellent! Tread wear was average, probably get 19-20k on it. I was hoping for more since it has almost a full 8/32" of tread. Yes.. I know it's a rear and I used it on the front. The world didn't end.

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  • Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2 Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2 Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Jonathan in TX

    only tire available!

    This is the only thing available for the diavel and it works great. I have full confidence in the bike in minor wet conditions as well as dry. As the tire ages it loses its grip a bit but that is to be expected. I will keep buying this tire (not that I have much choice); I am just glad it performs to my expectations.

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  • Pirelli MT66-Route Front Motorcycle Tire

    Pirelli MT66-Route Front Motorcycle Tire

    Dave in Florida

    replace OEM

    Bought a set in December 2010. 16,500 miles on the bike, now have 30,256. Tire has been excellent. Will be replacing with another set soon. For price and durability, and road confidence. I recommend this tire.

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  • Pirelli Angel GT Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Pirelli Angel GT Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Matthew in WA

    The name says it all!

    The Angel GT is a miraculous tire developed in a country notorious for slick winding mountain roads and highly skilled riders. They really nailed it with this tire. The compound stays very pliable when the temps drop and the tread pattern not only is the best looking tire on the market but provides excellent wet traction with its wide channels. Tire does extremely well in hot weather as well without increased wear.

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