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Guards-Skid PlatesGuards-Skid Plates

Dirt Bike Skid Plates and Guards

Imagine yourself riding a wicked trail, navigating each section with technical perfection, practically sailing through the woods with near ease. Why risk damaging or cracking your engine cases or other things the trail might throw out you when you can prevent it with a skid plate? A good skid plate can protect your bike and allow you to keep your mind on riding.

Dirt bike skid plates are no joke, and Rocky Mountain ATV/MC understands that. Your motorcycle is a phenomenal machine, but it isn’t invincible. Rocks kicked up from your front tire can cause serious damage and require expensive repairs. A good skid plate can help you avoid that by acting as a solid guard and helping protect your engine from any unexpected impacts.

Skid plates are available in aluminum, carbon fiber and plastic, but every material is made to withstand abuse. If you frequent the trails, you can’t afford to put off getting one. It only takes a single rock to make you wish you had one.

We stock skid plates from brands like Ricochet, Works Connection, Cycra, Acerbis, Polisport and others. (For original stock replacements, take a look at our OEM section.) Each skid plate is designed specifically for the bike it fits, so you know you’re getting maximum protection regardless of your choice. Enter your motorcycle’s make, model and year to see what is available for your bike.

Latest Dirt Bike Guards-Skid Plates Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Enduro Engineering Skid Plate

    Enduro Engineering Skid Plate

    Justin in MA

    Very Durable

    It was a little tricky to install and the directions were not great but very solid product. Takes a real beating. I have dragged it over rocks and slammed without a problem. I feel much more confident with the heavy aluminum vs. carbon or plastic.

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  • Works Connection MX Skid Plate

    Works Connection MX Skid Plate

    Jon in NC

    Works Connection MX Skid Plate

    Have not actually hit anything hard with it, but seems plenty sturdy. Foam insert keeps mud out nicely. Install was pretty easy, a little hammer tapping required.

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  • KTM SixDays Quick-Fastener Skid Plate

    KTM SixDays Quick-Fastener Skid Plate

    Mike in PA

    Good, but flawed

    This is a great skid for the most part - the quick release was a major reason for making the purchase. It is light weight,.easy to remove for maintenance, and provides good coverage - all the reasons I purchased it. The problem is, a hard hit tends to pull the latch mechanism through the plastic, which results in a lost skid. I lost my 1st one early this season - the skid was gone, but the bike-mounted latching system was intact! I considered it a fluke and ordered another. Last weekend, it happened again. Fortunately, I remembered where it may have happened when I noticed the skid was gone(but again, the mount hardware and latch were intact, along with the extra zip-tie I installed for extra security after losing the 1st one). I found the skid on the trail and confirmed my suspicion - the plastic just isn't quite tough enough(or thick enough) at the latch and it simply pulled it through the end of the skid(top where it quick-latches to the included hardware). I will try to attach an aluminum plate to reinforce it and see what happens - after buying 2 and both failing in the same manner, I won't be buying a 3rd.

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  • Cycra Speed Armor High Impact Skid Plate

    Cycra Speed Armor High Impact Skid Plate

    Chris in WV

    Quick and easy

    Installed in minutes. Not a heavy duty skid plate but adequate for most off-road applications. If you're going to be dragging your frame across logs, rocks etc. you might want to consider a different plate. This work's great for glancing blows from rocks and logs but I cannot say how it would hold up under severe abuse.

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  • Husqvarna Aluminum Skid Plate

    Husqvarna Aluminum Skid Plate

    Tom in NM

    Looks nice not good for mx

    Looks nice, fit well until I cased a jump (third ride on the bike) and it folded and broke all of the brackets. Probably good for trail riding, wouldn't recommend for mx.

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  • T.M. Designworks Full Coverage Plastic Skid Plate

    T.M. Designworks Full Coverage Plastic Skid Plate

    Tim in AZ

    I expected a much better product. Read why!

    So the pluses. Lighter. Quieter. Let's the frame flex as designed. Now here's where things went negative. 1 out of the only 3 bolt holes lined up. No extra brackets or reinforcements. The fitment is absolutely terrible. Ended up drilling out all holes to make fit properly. Used a torch to mold skid plate to fit properly. Also added an extra bolt to top of skid where there is an actual threaded hole already. I expected a better product. They need to mold the product correctly for a better fit and finish.

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