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Guards-Skid PlatesGuards-Skid Plates

Dirt Bike Skid Plates and Guards

Imagine yourself riding a wicked trail, navigating each section with technical perfection, practically sailing through the woods with near ease. Why risk damaging or cracking your engine cases or other things the trail might throw out you when you can prevent it with a skid plate? A good skid plate can protect your bike and allow you to keep your mind on riding.

Dirt bike skid plates are no joke, and Rocky Mountain ATV/MC understands that. Your motorcycle is a phenomenal machine, but it isn’t invincible. Rocks kicked up from your front tire can cause serious damage and require expensive repairs. A good skid plate can help you avoid that by acting as a solid guard and helping protect your engine from any unexpected impacts.

Skid plates are available in aluminum, carbon fiber and plastic, but every material is made to withstand abuse. If you frequent the trails, you can’t afford to put off getting one. It only takes a single rock to make you wish you had one.

We stock skid plates from brands like Ricochet, Works Connection, Cycra, Acerbis, Polisport and others. (For original stock replacements, take a look at our OEM section.) Each skid plate is designed specifically for the bike it fits, so you know you’re getting maximum protection regardless of your choice. Enter your motorcycle’s make, model and year to see what is available for your bike.

Latest Dirt Bike Guards-Skid Plates Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Enduro Engineering Clutch Slave Cylinder Guard

    Enduro Engineering Clutch Slave Cylinder Guard

    Derek in PA

    bolts right up

    helps prolong countershaft seal and chain life by keeping debris and mud from packing up around the countershaft sprocket also keeps chain from damaging slave cylinder in case chain comes off

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  • Acerbis X-Grip Frame Guards

    Acerbis X-Grip Frame Guards

    Lance in CA

    Nice product with stock header - FMF will need mod

    This product works great with stock KTM header. If you have a FMF Megabomb I suggest purchasing the KTM Aluminum Heat Shield - KTM Part # U6912023 or you will need to modify the Acerbis plastic heat shield on right frame guard to avoid it from melting and/or discoloring from the heat of the exhaust pipe at the second louver and the area above. Acerbis uses a thinner strip of aluminum heat resistant tape on the plastic heat shield tape to protect against the exhaust pipe compared to the stock frame guards that have at least a 1/4 inch foam padding with aluminum heat resistant coating. Acerbis replaced for free and are aware of this issue.

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  • Enduro Engineering Skid Plate

    Enduro Engineering Skid Plate

    JERRY in HI

    Bash proof

    Best guards I've put on my bike along side of my bark busters! Should have put on way earlier but was always thinking about weight savings. My frame would have been scratch free if I had put it on earlier but now I know

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  • E Line Carbon Fiber Skid Plate

    E Line Carbon Fiber Skid Plate

    Ethan in California


    Okay so I've had this brand skid plates on every bike I have owned since 2003 never had a problem with them ever, they bolt right on and fit great (only reason it got 3 stars) I'd love to give it a 2 star. It took me 2.5 hours to get it on, the over all shape of the skid plate is awesome, past that I'm pissed. The mounts DO NOT line up, in the front I had to bend twist and pound on in a vice to make work because it was so far off (I build tube chassis cars from the ground up). Where the mount should go it does not fit because of clearance on the case. Then the rear mounts, the holes were off of where the skid plate contour perfectly fit to the point I wanted to hone them out with a drill. I know these can take a beating and they are very light! They need to fire the new guy who designed the mounts.

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  • Ricochet Offroad Skid Plate

    Ricochet Offroad Skid Plate

    Frankie in KY

    Excellent Product

    This skid plate mounted easily and fit awesome. This thing is built very good and should do what its intended to do. Also has the hole in the bottom to allow for oil changes without removing the skid plate. Plus the bike sits very stable when on a bike stand.

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  • KTM SixDays Quick-Fastener Skid Plate

    KTM SixDays Quick-Fastener Skid Plate

    David in WA

    Nice skid plate!

    it looks and functions great. the only problem i have is the twist in fastener to lock it down to the bike is crazy hard to get it. i almost never remove it because its so hard to get back on. it just doesnt line up like it should. other than that i like it. if the holes lines up i would have had it installed in less than 5 minutes.

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