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Cylinder HeadCylinder Head

ATV Cylinder Heads

There are many things you can do in the quest to obtain more power for your ATV. One of them can be switching out the cylinder heads. Pro Design has constructed a cylinder head that can improve your quad’s performance. It is called the Cool Head. Of course, you can find it right here on Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. (You can also find OEM cylinder heads by checking out our OEM section.)

So what makes the Pro Design Cool Head so special? It allows you to swap out the dome to customize your machine based on your riding preferences. A smaller dome means that there is smaller volume of space in the cylinders. That leads to higher compression. The result? More power. (Be advised that you will need to use higher octane gas with smaller dome sizes. You will also need to rejet your carburetor.)

If you already have the Cool Head installed, you can find a few replacement parts on this page, including O-ring kits and replacement stud kits. You can also get a different-sized set of domes.

The Pro Design Cool Head will only fit a select few ATVs, primarily Yamaha Banshees and a few older Hondas. To completely determine whether your quad is compatible, enter its make, model and year on this page.

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