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L.E.D.'s from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Customize your bike with these L.E.D.'s.

Latest Motorcycle L.E.D.'s Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • StreetFX Rectangle Lightpod

    StreetFX Rectangle Lightpod

    Morgan in UT

    StreetFX Rectangle Lighpod

    The lightpod i bought was the coolest thing i have ever bought. I rigged it up to my dirt bike so it shines underneath like a glow-light. When I ride at night, these help me to see better because I don't have a headlight. I would give this lightpod a 5 star rating because they are dope as heck and are cool to see when I ride in the night. All of my biddies who have dirt bikes want them too, but don't know how to rig them up. Once again I would just like to say these things are amazing to ride with and to see, so for me it's a 5 star rating.

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  • Cyclops Adventure Sports  LED Upgrade Replacement Headlight Bulb

    Cyclops Adventure Sports LED Upgrade Replacement Headlight Bulb

    Ian in WA

    Must have upgrade for better lighting

    I have used Cyclops on my dirt bikes for years, this new kit for my 1190R was just what I needed to get a massive improvement over stock lighting. With short days in the winter here in Pacific Northwest, this was exactly the upgrade I needed to be able to ride safely. Easy to install once you know how to pull the mask off the new KTM (lot more plastic on these new bikes vs. the old 990). Bulbs go right in and plenty of room behind the mask for everything.

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  • Cyclops Adventure Sports  LED Headlight Bulb H4

    Cyclops Adventure Sports LED Headlight Bulb H4

    Jonathan in Washington

    A no-brainer upgrade

    I've run the H7 version of this bulb in my BMW for a while now. As soon as I picked up my WR250R Yamaha I installed the Cyclops H4 bulb into it as well. The kit had three different adaptors for different applications, but selecting the right adaptor and installing it required only marginal more time than installing a halogen bulb. The biggest reason for this mod is how much more visible my bike is during the day time. It kicks out way more light than any other replacement bulb I've seen and is the best value in light improvements I've seen. I ran this bulb in my stock headlight during a 24 hour off road race this past year. I also ran an aftermarket helmet light and felt that that combination worked great! More lights for night riding is always better, so if you want to turn night into day you'll want axillary lights as well, but for the money these are a no brainer upgrade.

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  • Cyclops Adventure Sports  LED Light Module Rectifier

    Cyclops Adventure Sports LED Light Module Rectifier

    Jonathan in Washington

    Works Great

    I helped a friend install this Cyclops rectifier on his WR450F so he could run the Cyclops H4 LED bulb without making any other stator or wiring mods to his bike. Just as described, we used the two sided 3m tape to attach the rectifier to the back of the headlight assembly, then followed the included instruction for hooking up the wires. As his bike didn't run a high / low beam switch we only had to hook up the high beam wires (all filaments lit up). The only things I can think to mention are on the WR450 we had to space the headlight assembly forward about 3/4" for the H4 LED bulbs cooling fan to clear the frame at full lock. The kit came with bullet style connectors for the wires, I chose to use heat- shrink instead. This rectifier / LED bulb set up was a fantastic value compared to having to buy an aftermarket stator and voltage regulator.

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  • Cyclops Adventure Sports  LED Headlight Bulb H7

    Cyclops Adventure Sports LED Headlight Bulb H7

    Jonathan in Washington

    Cyclops LED Bulb Review

    After riding with a friend who had these bulbs in his bike I couldn't believe how much more visible his bike was during the daylight. When the H7 version became available I installed two in my BMW F800GS. The low beam bulb took a few tries to get the little bulb ballast into the headlight assembly, but it fit. The high beam side required the rear cover to be left off the headlight assembly. This actually made installation pretty easy. The bulbs are a huge improvement over stock and better than any other replacement bulb on the market. I now have these bulbs in all my WR250R and my wifes BMW Dakar. These won't eliminate your desire for axillary lights if you really want to turn night into day, but for the money this is the best mod I have made on my bikes.

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  • StreetFX Motion Activated Valve Stem Cap Light

    StreetFX Motion Activated Valve Stem Cap Light

    TROY in UT

    my kid loves them

    my kid loves them so much he wants more of them for all his toys atv, motorcycle and bike they are them now!

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