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Covers and AccentsCovers and Accents

Chrome Street Bike Covers and Accents

Replace broken parts or just give your motorcycle a crisp, clean finish by upgrading with covers and accents designed to spice up the look and attitude of your bike. Whether you want a decorative piece, or the solid, smooth look of chrome, we have a huge selection of machine-specific parts to compliment your motorcycle. Choose from items such as:

  • License plate frames
  • Fender extenders
  • Gas caps
  • Mud flaps
  • Major manufacturer brand-name emblems
  • Front fender ornaments
  • A huge selection of covers including: brake reservoir covers, clutch perch covers, caliper covers, side covers, taillight covers, frame covers, etc.

Enter the make, model and year of your machine in the drop down boxes above to see a complete listing of all of the covers and accents available for your motorcycle. Your bike will look its best when you shop at At Rocky Mountain ATV/MC!

Latest Motorcycle Covers and Accents Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Show Chrome Accessories Solo Rack

    Show Chrome Accessories Solo Rack

    DAN in CO

    bad fitment

    Fit great until you try to put the drivers seat back on, didn't clear seat stud so sent it back. nice quality if it would have fit

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  • Kuryakyn Head Bolt Covers

    Kuryakyn Head Bolt Covers

    Jeff in AR

    Cheap Set Screws

    The blue loctite was coated on so thick and had set up making it impossible to tighten the cheap set screws without stripping them out. We removed the set screws and bought replacements. The covers do seem to be good quality chrome.

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  • Kuryakyn Swing Arm Pivot Cover

    Kuryakyn Swing Arm Pivot Cover

    Jeff in AR

    Good Buy

    Solid metal, not cheap painted plastic.

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  • Cobra Brake Reservoir Cover

    Cobra Brake Reservoir Cover

    Aaron in VIC

    Easy mod that looks clean and neat.

    Nice cheap and easy bling value... gets rid of the untidy looking OEM cover. Tops off the effect if you've polished the alloy body of the master cylinder. Great stuff.

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  • Kuryakyn Curved Tip-Back License Plate Frame

    Kuryakyn Curved Tip-Back License Plate Frame

    ROBERT in OR

    curved licen plate frame

    The new curved licen plate frame really looks good on my harley.

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  • Kuryakyn Passenger Footboard Covers

    Kuryakyn Passenger Footboard Covers

    Kevin in CA

    The More Chrome The Better!!

    I contemplated getting these for about 4 months, but now I'm glad I did. They ALWAYS get complimented when someone looks over your bike after you stop. Funny how most people go, "I'm planning on getting those too!" Yeah, well sucker I GOT EM!! hahaha <br> I never realized how "dark" (meaning non-chromed) the passenger footrest area was until I added these. I recently added the skull chrome spinner, the new flame brake pedals, floorboards, passenger boards, 4" longhorn highway pegs with flame switchblades, and these passenger board covers were the perfect addition as they kept the eyes flowing from front to back as someone admires your bike. The passenger floorboards only look cool when they are down and NO WAY am I driving around with those things down (unless some hottie is riding on the back). These get people looking while you are in motion... and keep them staring.<br> Installation is a snap: Slide them over your stock boards and screw in one allen bolt thing on the front side and back side then You. Are. Done! I love how all Kuryakyn parts come with instructions that are usually only like 3-5 steps long! Even my mechanically challenged self installed every thing on my own!<br> I left the skulls that came with them on because I have the skull spinners, but if I wanted to change them out with the cross emblems, it's a quick removal of two screws, swap out the emblems, screw them back in. Done.<br> Not sure about how well the "protective bumpers" help because I have never kicked the passenger boards while getting on or off my 2oo8 Road Glide... Passengers do not notice they are there as the bumpers do not rise up over the floorboard. They are flush with the backside of the board cover and feel very well secured so even if you kick them several hundred times I don't believe they would ever fall off.<br> Cleaning them requires a bit of extra work as the flames are very well detailed and protrude out more than I expected. I'm not complaining about this design (they actually look REALLY GOOD), but just saying it takes a bit more effort to reshape your towel to reach into the flame designs and clean out any crud (if any) that gets in there.<br> <b>Bottomline:</b> The Kuryakyn brand name does it right... They combine high quality and durable products that are infused with sex appeal and muscle all in one. If you are looking for parts that will give your bike that extra WOW factor? These definitely qualify. With these on, not only will you get the normal, "Hey man... nice bike." You will also start hearing things like, "I like the chrome back there!" or "Cool skulls." (while they point to your board covers).<br> Too bad doesn't carry more of the Kuryakyn line of products. Their speedy shipping and excellent customer service are unmatched and make you regret having to go somewhere else to order. They were very helpful over the phone clarifying my part-specific questions and the free shipping is a nice bonus!! Thanks guys. Hope this helps you make your decision.

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