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Footpegs from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Foot pegs designed to give you better ergonomics and quality for motocross and trail at the best selection and price.

Latest Dual Sport Footpegs Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • IMS Pro-Series Foot Pegs

    IMS Pro-Series Foot Pegs

    ROBERT in NV

    Superior quality!

    IMS PRODUCTS are manufactured to the highest level of quality. These pegs are top of the line at half the price of the competition. Don't be fooled by the lower price, these pegs are a great purchase.

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  • IMS SuperStock Foot Pegs

    IMS SuperStock Foot Pegs

    D in OH


    Thank you IMS for providing wide footpegs for old bikes. These fit well and are nice and snug. Note that the spring sits differently on the IMS peg compared to the stock peg. No need to file, or bend, just use your head.

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  • Tusk Billet Race Foot Pegs With Springs

    Tusk Billet Race Foot Pegs With Springs

    Christian in Nevada

    great pegs

    much better than the horrible stock pegs. right ammount of stick to the peg, wide platform, and they look better than anything else on my KLR - love them!

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  • KTM Rally Footrest Set

    KTM Rally Footrest Set

    Lee in Georgia

    Worthwhile improvement!

    I've been riding my 990 for over two years with the standard pegs and rubber inserts. I'd been told that wider pegs give you more control and I found that to be 100% correct. Whether standing or sitting, the extended pegs give a much more stable platform and they're easy/quick to install. JUST HANG ONTO THE SPRING WHEN CHANGING! Put a rag over it or hold it with pliers, Vise-Grips, etc. Wear safety glasses; it could easily put an eye out! Fortunately when one popped off I did quickly find it about 15' away in my garage. If it had gone another direction into some adjacent woods, I would have needed a metal detector (which I don't have).

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  • Fastway Adventure Motorcycle Foot Pegs Kit

    Fastway Adventure Motorcycle Foot Pegs Kit

    WES in CA

    Heavy duty large foot peg

    Great quality. Easy install. Too large for a dirt bike though. I imagIne they are better suited for adv bikes

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  • CJ Designs OEM Peg Extensions - Long

    CJ Designs OEM Peg Extensions - Long

    The Todd in NV

    Where do I start?

    I was almost tempted to keep these on my desk at work unistalled. They are BEAUTIFULLY crafted. Like artwork. You would think they were Swiss made. Great on the feet for 10 hour plus rides (no more sore arches). Much more control when shifting weight. Better options when positioning feet especially if your dogs are large. ONLY downside is if you ride very tight rock sections... 3 days in Baja and there were a couple times I bumped rocks on single track. When you see it coming just lift your foot off and it will spring up no problem. Installation... I did it on bike and it was a bit tricky. End hole is easy, front and back holes you might need an assistant. Use a BRAND NEW cobalt tip drill AND constant cutting oil. Place a block of wood across the top so the spikes are all even. I'm going to buy another set for my desk to look at while I'm working.

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