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D.O.T. Approved Dirt Bike Tires from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

D.O.T. approved dirt bike tires from many leading industry brands. We have the best prices and selection.

Latest Dirt Bike D.O.T. Approved Dirt Bike Tires Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Kenda K760 Trakmaster II Tire

    Kenda K760 Trakmaster II Tire

    Ryan in CA

    Meant for freshly groomed tracks or soft terrain

    First ride with these tires was 4 days after a heavy rain in SoCal. Excellent traction - can tell that's what they were designed for. However, after the trails dried out 2 weeks later, I was sliding all over the place and washed out on trails I've been riding for years. Tires are for soft terrain, not meant for hard by any means.

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  • Motoz Mountain Hybrid

    Motoz Mountain Hybrid

    Rob in Tennessee

    Don't run at 0 psi for long

    I run a tubliss system and was under the mistaken impression that I could run 0 psi in this tire. First the good: At 0 psi this tire is absolutely amazing. I ride nothing but steep, wet, muddy rocks and this tire is perfect for that application. I was unable to find a line that I could not take. I purposely stopped on steep slippery rock gardens just to see if a zero run up line could be taken. Every time I was able to start and immediately transition into a standing position and carry my momentum. Now the bad: At 0 psi in those conditions I only made it 50 miles before the rim had sliced a hole in the side wall about 6" long. I would absolutely recommend this tire, but I would say that 5 psi is probably the minimum.

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  • Shinko 705 Front Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire

    Shinko 705 Front Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire

    Patrick in MI

    Good tire!

    I bought my motorcycle with these on it. I do mostly pavement on my bike. but its handles well on gravel. Does great in the rain.. seems like it rains every trip I take. I put over 8k miles on the one the bike came with and I am only changing it because I want fresh shoes for my next trip which is over 6k miles. Not sure how many miles the other owner put. Great tire for the price.

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  • Shinko Trail Pro 255 Radial Trials Tire

    Shinko Trail Pro 255 Radial Trials Tire

    WALTER in ID

    This was the 19" version

    I tried this on my 2008 YZ250F. Coming from an 18" Pirelli MT-43, I did not feel it worked as well. My guess was the shorter sidewall of the 19" wheel size. It went on super easy and the bead seated with a floor pump believe it or not. However, I felt that it was way too soft and wallowy at 13 PSI and any higher pressure negated the benefits of running a trials tire. Also, if you get a flat with this tire, you'll have to repair it ASAP. If it works for you, it should last forever.

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  • Michelin Desert Race Tire

    Michelin Desert Race Tire

    Don in AZ

    Higher in price, but pays for itself if tubeless

    Running in rough desert conditions tubeless at 8PSI. Corners as good or better than the Dunlop AT81, holds up as good or better than the Bridgestone ED77. For desert and rocky mountain trail conditions I have found the goldilocks tire. The dunlop AT 81 corners real well, but started shearing side knobs after about 10 rides. At best I got 4 months out of it, but it really should have been replaced in about 3 months. I went to the Bridgestone ED77 which lasted all of 11 months before I wore the side knobs down due to friction. While durable the ED77 never really cornered that well even when new. The Michelin Desert Race is the best of both. It has the same 90/90 profile as the AT81, has the same ability to progressively let go due to staggered side and intermediate lugs, holds on much longer prior to letting go, and all signs point to a 1 year tire. I would go through 3 to 4 AT81s in that time frame, so the $100+ price pays for itself real quick. Have even run it for about 10 rough desert miles with 0 PSI due to a tubeless setup issue. Pay close attention to the setup/install sequence with the tubeless kits and you shouldn't have that issue. Lesson learned. This is my go to tire, that all others will be measured by.

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  • Pirelli MT 43 Pro Trials Tire

    Pirelli MT 43 Pro Trials Tire

    WALTER in ID

    Hooks up when you wouldn't think it would.

    If you ride in harder, baked terrain with rocks thrown in, this tire works great for the money. Bump compliance is enhanced due to sidewall flex as well. Snow and deep sand are not the best to try and ride through, but overall you will be amazed at what it hooks up on. Works great in normal trail conditions that make a rider drool. If you're a spin or skid tire, it's not for you. If you're not worried about blowing up every corner out there, give it a try.

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