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HiPer WheelsHiPer Wheels

HiPer ATV Wheels

What makes the HiPer ATV wheels stand out from competitors? HiPer wheels are designed using high-strength carbon fiber, providing an extremely lightweight solution without sacrificing the durability required on quads. What’s more, carbon fiber is much more flexible than many other materials (such as aluminum). As a result, these wheels can flex under extreme pressure and return to their original shape without breaking or deforming – something that other options simply can’t do. HiPer rims have an unrelenting toughness that is characteristic of all their wheels.

So how do they do it? HiPer has developed a proprietary (and largely secret) process to develop their wheels, allowing them to truly provide a product that other rim manufacturers can’t copy. If you’re looking for excellent craftsmanship and quality, look no further than HiPer!

HiPer wheels were developed with cross country racing in mind. The demands required by this sport have led to a premium product that can be enjoyed by all. So even if you don’t race and just prefer a good technical trail or a casual ride at the dunes, you’ll appreciate the quality that HiPer offers.

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is the ideal source for HiPer wheels. If your ATV needs an upgrade, take a look at these options today!

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