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For riding in chilly weather, nothing is as great as heated womens riding gear. But if you don’t have just the right cord length or adapters, you might be completely out of luck. Make sure that you’re properly outfitted with all of the accessories and add-ons to make your setup perfect.

The two big names in heated gear are Tour Master and Firstgear, and we’ve got a number of accessories for each of them. Regardless of what brand you already own, you’ll be able to find appropriate products in our inventory. What type of things are we talking about? Everything from extension cables to splitters. We’ve also got control units and adapters. (In fact, we even have a Firstgear / Tour Master adapter in case you want to mix and match gear and accessories between the two brands.)

You’ll find a handful of other useful womens heated gear accessories that are ideal for unique needs. For example, not all bikes are created the same, and BMW motorcycles have a distinctive socket. We have plugs that will properly fit it. You might find a few other products of interest, from accessory cases to seat warmers. Take a moment now to browse our selection and see for yourself.

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  • Firstgear DC Coax Battery Harness 36"

    Firstgear DC Coax Battery Harness 36"

    Alan in OH


    Plug and play and nice and warm riding.

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  • Firstgear Portable Heat-Troller - Dual

    Firstgear Portable Heat-Troller - Dual

    Kat in UT

    Easy to hook-up, mount and use - ahhhhh

    I'm dislike the cold and have been known to use the heated seats on in my car nearly every month of the year. Recently, I planned an 800 mile motorcycle adventure touring trip to Jackson, WY only to find the weather on the cold and wet side. Off to RMATV to quickly order some "heated gear" and WOW! I couldn't be happier! I bought the Firstgear heated jacket, Firstgear portable heat-troller and the Firstgear glove liners. Installing the troller was a piece of cake as it comes with the wires and fuse ready to bolt to the bike battery. Mounting the troller to the bike was simple as it comes with sticky dual sided Velcro that adhered to my tank bag! From there I simply had to put on the jacket, plug it into the troller and occasionally turn the knob for heat as I drove down the road. The temp was down to 34 degrees Fahrenheit with a 65 mph wind chill factor and all I could think of was "Aaaahhhhhhh! This is a nice and toasty tour!" :-)

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