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Battery Activation - Filling & Charging

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Dirt Bike Battery

When you’re ready to ride at the motocross track or on a scenic trail, nothing beats the convenience of a good battery that is ready to go. So if your battery is on the decline, make life easy again with a new dirt bike battery from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. We carry a variety of dirt bike batteries to suit every style and budget.

We have traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium ion batteries and gel cell batteries. We carry leading brands like YUASA, Ballistic, Shorai, Antigravity, Bike Master and more. All you need to do is enter your bike’s make, model and year, and we’ll show you exactly which batteries will fit your motorcycle. (If you prefer to stick with the OEM battery, just click the OEM button at the top of the page.)

Even if your existing battery is still going strong, there are plenty of reasons to replace it with a better aftermarket one. For example, a maintenance-free battery can remove the headache (and risk) of continually checking and adjusting acid levels. And if you’re looking for a lightweight motocross battery, there’s nothing better than lithium ion! It’s one of the fastest (and cheapest) ways to shave a pound or two off of your motorcycle’s weight.

Latest Dirt Bike Batteries Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Shorai Lithium-Iron Battery

    Shorai Lithium-Iron Battery

    David in WY

    Get the best

    Light, cranks harder and longer (who doesn't want that), and did I mention it's super light?! It's not cheap and it takes a special charger, but it's the best I have found for my KTM.

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  • Tusk Tec-Core Battery with Acid

    Tusk Tec-Core Battery with Acid

    Frank in ID

    Great battery and replacement for OEM.

    Works bang for the buck out there. RMATV/MC is great to work with.

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  • Antigravity Batteries 8-Cell Small Case Hi-Power Lithium Battery

    Antigravity Batteries 8-Cell Small Case Hi-Power Lithium Battery

    Reese in PA

    -m-2008 KTM 450 sxf Best battery ever, I would have to go through a routine to cold start this bike. Now turn the gas on, pull the choke and hit the magic button. Awesome!

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  • YUASA No Maintenance Battery with Acid

    YUASA No Maintenance Battery with Acid

    Ryan in TX

    Great replacement battery

    We carry these when we go out of state to ride in the mountains. The great thing about these batteries is they are shipped dry with the acid, so they store well. Sure enough, while in the mountains, one battery goes out. We add the acid and drop it in the machine and we are off. Can't say enough good things about these batteries and how they have bailed us out of tight spots.

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  • Odyssey Extreme Series Battery and Terminal Kit

    Odyssey Extreme Series Battery and Terminal Kit

    BRUCE in IA

    Odyssey Battery

    Awesome battery , only complaint was the terminals were opposite of the factory battery but cables are long enough to still work fine !

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  • Odyssey Extreme Series Battery

    Odyssey Extreme Series Battery

    Joseph in NC

    tired of replacing old lead plate batteries so purc...

    great power and no problem with battery dying during extended times without vehicle use. only problem is post were not on top like factory battery, had some L brackets that were supplied to make cables work. very hard to tighten cables on brackets because it uses nuts and bolts. had to get creative to get nuts started!very good battery though.

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