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Battery Activation - Filling & Charging

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Motorcycle Battery From Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

What’s worse than a motorcycle that doesn’t run very well? How about one that doesn’t even start? A good motorcycle battery makes sure that your bike starts every time. Whether you’re a motocommuter, weekend warrior or die-hard racer, you need a reliable battery that isn’t going to leave you stranded.

Not all motorcycle batteries are created equal. There are many different types: gel, lead/acid, lithium and others. Some are completely maintenance free. Some are sealed. Some require you to add the acid yourself. Some are extremely lightweight. The key is to determine what aspects of a battery are important to you and go from there. Make sure that you read the product descriptions to give you an idea of what to expect. And the customer reviews are indispensable if you want the advice of those who have gone before.

Regardless of the type of bike you ride, you’ll find a battery for it here. We stock major battery brands, including the following:

  • Yuasa
  • Moto Power
  • Shorai
  • Antigravity
  • Ballistic
  • Tusk
  • Motosport
  • Bike Master

There is a certain reassurance and security that comes from knowing you don’t have to worry about whether your battery is going to start your bike. And it is worth it. If you’re looking one of the best motorcycle battery options around, all you need to do is utilize our Parts Finder to identify the right options for your bike.

Latest Motorcycle Batteries Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • YUASA No Maintenance Battery with Acid

    YUASA No Maintenance Battery with Acid

    Charles in IN

    Good price, quick delivery

    -m-2001 YAMAHA RAPTOR 660- Good price and quick delivery. Arrived when they said it would and had no issues.

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  • Tusk Lithium Battery

    Tusk Lithium Battery

    Brandon in MO

    My overall impression is great quality at a great p...

    The battery is really light and works great. I’ve always been impressed with the tusk brand. It’s great quality at a great price. I would highly recommend this battery to others

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  • YUASA Standard Battery without Acid

    YUASA Standard Battery without Acid

    Joseph in WV


    While the battery strapped in fine, it was actually smaller than the original battery. The battery was shorter in length than the original. The battery appears to be working just fine.

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  • Shorai Lithium-Iron Battery

    Shorai Lithium-Iron Battery

    Jack in IN

    Shove battery

    Wow what a difference! Pricey but you get what you pay for.

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  • Antigravity Batteries 8-Cell Small Case Race Use Lithium Battery

    Antigravity Batteries 8-Cell Small Case Race Use Lithium Battery

    Louis in OH

    Best battery on market

    This is the second antigravity battery I have had for my 300 xc’s. Yes that’s right more than one bike. It lasted 5 years. No doubt I will keep buying these battery’s!!!

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  • Tusk Tec-Core Battery with Acid

    Tusk Tec-Core Battery with Acid

    Greg in NM


    I hate to say it but they're junk. Lasted less than a year and now completely shot (won't hold a fresh charge/maintenance). Good thing I'm on an older TW200 with an optional kick start. I've bought batteries like this from other stores for years and have had them last 4 times as long. Bought 2 of these at the same time for both my TW's and they're now junk. I guess I'll be moving to the newer tech batteries once I can afford them.

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