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Machine Specific UTV Air Filters

Have you ever tried to run while congested? Chances are you realized that you were not able to perform at your best because you were struggling to get enough air. Your UTV reacts the same way when the air filter is dirty or damaged, preventing sufficient air from entering the engine or letting particles of dirt into the system. Air filters in good, clean working condition are critical for optimal performance of your machine.

UTVs come stock with exceptional power these days, but if you are looking for an easy and generally inexpensive way to gain an increase in power and performance, switching out the OEM filter for an aftermarket air filter or intake system should do the job. At Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, you can find a selection of filters, intake systems, intake vents, and pre filters that are sure to increase both the airflow and protection of your engine.

Another great benefit of aftermarket UTV air filters is that they are washable and reusable, and generally have a long life as long as they are properly and regularly maintained. These filters are an investment that pay for themselves time and time again. Check out our selection of UTV air filters and intake systems to get your UTV performing at its best!

Latest UTV Air Filters Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • No Toil Pre-Oiled Air Filter

    No Toil Pre-Oiled Air Filter

    steven in IN


    Replaced my old air filter. Have used for one season so far and is still clean works great.

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  • Twin Air - Air Filter

    Twin Air - Air Filter

    Benton in KS

    Air filter

    Great filter, great fit!

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  • Twin Air Pre Oiled Air Filter

    Twin Air Pre Oiled Air Filter

    martin in MT

    twin air always a good bet

    good product, always hard to beat twin air

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  • Twin Air Power Flow Intake System

    Twin Air Power Flow Intake System

    Eric in NB

    King Quad Air Filter Improvement

    Prior to purchasing this filter, I used the UNI with the stock air box lid which did not seal well along the top surface of the air box as you could still see the foam filter around the extruding around the lid. With this Twin Air System, it comes with a much better lid which has a rubber seal around it that helps to keep water out, especially when in deeper water holes. The filter is easy to remove and clean as well.

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  • No Toil Air Box Washing Cover

    No Toil Air Box Washing Cover

    Doug in Oregon

    Cheaper then others and very good product

    The video for this product shows them using only an arousal spray can to clean the box then it being wiped with a paper towel. Who does that? I had concerns if it would not keep water out when cleaning with a hose. It worked great. It has no tabs to line up on the air box but on a modern KTM it is pretty much a no brainer if you have it on right or not. Item allows lots of access to the area so you can get a soapy cloth in the box and get it really clean. I then hosed it out with a garden hose. Not one drop made it past the cover. The exhaust plug is kind of a joke but at the price is pretty much an extra "free" item anyway.

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  • Twin Air - Air Box Washing Cover

    Twin Air - Air Box Washing Cover

    Phillip in AL

    Also Fits: KTM 300 XC 2014 Model

    I use this on both my bikes. Works great and keeps the water out of the intake during airbox cleanings.

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