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Machine Specific UTV Air Filters

Have you ever tried to run while congested? Chances are you realized that you were not able to perform at your best because you were struggling to get enough air. Your UTV reacts the same way when the air filter is dirty or damaged, preventing sufficient air from entering the engine or letting particles of dirt into the system. Air filters in good, clean working condition are critical for optimal performance of your machine.

UTVs come stock with exceptional power these days, but if you are looking for an easy and generally inexpensive way to gain an increase in power and performance, switching out the OEM filter for an aftermarket air filter or intake system should do the job. At Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, you can find a selection of filters, intake systems, intake vents, and pre filters that are sure to increase both the airflow and protection of your engine.

Another great benefit of aftermarket UTV air filters is that they are washable and reusable, and generally have a long life as long as they are properly and regularly maintained. These filters are an investment that pay for themselves time and time again. Check out our selection of UTV air filters and intake systems to get your UTV performing at its best!

Latest UTV Air Filters Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Pro X Air Filter

    Pro X Air Filter

    J.D. in CO

    Holding up to the elements

    I like to keep spare filters around for multi day rides in dusty conditions. They are less expensive than uni filter and seem to hold up great.

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  • PC Racing Filter Skins

    PC Racing Filter Skins

    Robert in CA

    Less filter cleaning.

    I always use these with no ill effects on power. I get extra time between filter cleanings. The only issue is that they are a pain to put on a Honda CRF450. There is no room in that air box for your hands to maneuver, they always want to roll back, I wish they would put a band around the edge so it would hold in place.

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  • Polaris OEM Air Filter

    Polaris OEM Air Filter

    Jordan in UT

    oem replacement

    I did an aftermarket filter for a minute, and it caused more damage than it did good. Stick with OEM and be trouble free.

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  • Twin Air Pre Oiled Air Filter

    Twin Air Pre Oiled Air Filter

    Zach in UT

    Worth the price

    Top quality would buy again

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  • Modquad Air Flow System with K&N Filter

    Modquad Air Flow System with K&N Filter

    Richard in CA

    Works well

    I prefer the foam cover but this works well.

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  • Uni Air Filter

    Uni Air Filter

    Timothy in WA

    A new review of this filter...

    I dropped a star from my original review...Why? Because these tend to come unglued at the seems. I have switch my filters to Twin Air and Moose and am much happier. IMO these aren't any better protection than cheap pre-oiled air filters (probably less) do to the seems coming undone. On a good note, when I called Uni about my one use filter, they promptly sent me a replacement, so 5 stars for Uni's customer service.

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