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How To - Clean & Oil An Air Filter

Dual Sport and Adventure Bike Air Filters

All motorcycles need air filters, but when you’re on a dual sport bike, you need something that can manage a lot of dirt and dust for all of your off-road adventures. When you’re looking for dual sport air filters, be sure to identify one that can handle your needs.

It may be a small part, but the air filter does a lot to keep your engine in top shape. Small particles of dirt in the air can act abrasively against your engine’s various components, but the air filter acts as a protection, stopping dust. But a good air filter doesn’t just stop dirt – it also allows air to travel through. The better a filter is able to let air through to the engine, the better your bike runs.

At Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, we carry a variety of excellent options that are ideal for off-road settings. We’ve got major brands like K&N, No Toil, Twin Air, Uni, Pro X and PC Racing – all reputable names that have been in the filter industry for some time.

To get started, enter your bike’s make, model and year into our Parts Finder. This will allow us to automatically display only the air filters that will fit your machine. At that point, it just comes down to your own preference. Check it out now!

Latest Dual Sport Air Filters Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • K & N Air Filter

    K & N Air Filter

    kevin in NV

    Can an x3 So far just rode in sand so not much dust but, always had good experience with K &N.

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  • Twin Air - Air Box Washing Cover

    Twin Air - Air Box Washing Cover

    John in OH

    Washing your bike is a cinch!

    I don’t think when I installed this I had done anything wrong. It’s fairly straight forward to be totally honest. The fitment was off. I had to get a little creative, and use a couple of washers to get the filter tensioner on my husky to hold the filter cover to create a seal around the air box O-ring. It still did it’s job keeping water and debri out of the carbeurator. I just was expecting it to be a better fit.

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  • Twin Air Pre Oiled Air Filter

    Twin Air Pre Oiled Air Filter

    Sean in FL

    Great product

    So quick and easy! Just stick it on and go

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  • No Toil Pre-Oiled Air Filter

    No Toil Pre-Oiled Air Filter


    No Toil

    If you don't want to spend the time to wash, dry, & oil then these are a good filter. I do recommend that you add a little more oil to it though.

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  • Husqvarna Air Filter

    Husqvarna Air Filter

    William in GA

    Great Air Filter

    Would Highly Recommend. Great Product No Complaints A+

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  • Tusk First Line Air Filter

    Tusk First Line Air Filter

    nick in MD

    Was truly impressed with these filters. I change filters every moto on my sons ktm 50. the price of these makes it a lot easier to have a bunch on hand. Will be buying some for our big bikes as well

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