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How To - Clean & Oil An Air Filter

Dual Sport and Adventure Bike Air Filters

All motorcycles need air filters, but when you’re on a dual sport bike, you need something that can manage a lot of dirt and dust for all of your off-road adventures. When you’re looking for dual sport air filters, be sure to identify one that can handle your needs.

It may be a small part, but the air filter does a lot to keep your engine in top shape. Small particles of dirt in the air can act abrasively against your engine’s various components, but the air filter acts as a protection, stopping dust. But a good air filter doesn’t just stop dirt – it also allows air to travel through. The better a filter is able to let air through to the engine, the better your bike runs.

At Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, we carry a variety of excellent options that are ideal for off-road settings. We’ve got major brands like K&N, No Toil, Twin Air, Uni, Pro X and PC Racing – all reputable names that have been in the filter industry for some time.

To get started, enter your bike’s make, model and year into our Parts Finder. This will allow us to automatically display only the air filters that will fit your machine. At that point, it just comes down to your own preference. Check it out now!

Latest Dual Sport Air Filters Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • No Toil Super-Flo Air Filter Kit

    No Toil Super-Flo Air Filter Kit

    Alessandro in ON

    the quality of the cage is good, the air filter isn't the greatest but it's ok. the air filters fitment isn't the greatest you sort of have to stretch it on to seal decent and there's just a hole in the middle of the air filter instead of some sort of rubber plate.

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  • Husqvarna Air Intake Wash Cap

    Husqvarna Air Intake Wash Cap

    E. William in GA

    Works great

    Use this when I really need to soak the bike down after a muddy ride. Does great and lets you hose out the air box as well. Fits very tightly and goes in and out with no tools.

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  • K & N MX XStream Air Filter

    K & N MX XStream Air Filter



    I put this filter in my KX 250 F not expecting much but to my surprise it’s phenomenal.!! The throttle response and power gains are incredible.!! It used to take 3 to 4 kicks for my bike to turn over now it does on one kick. My bike breathes a lot better and warms up a lot quicker. Much better improvement over any air filter I ever had. Very strong power gains mainly noticeable in mid to high gears. I am very please with this air filter and a true believer in K&N air filter‘s !!

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  • No Toil Super-Flo Air Filter Kit Replacement Filter

    No Toil Super-Flo Air Filter Kit Replacement Filter

    Jayson in CA

    Function and fitment

    Overall great fitment and function. Can never go wrong with No Toil products!!

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  • PC Racing Pro-Seal

    PC Racing Pro-Seal

    Chris in AZ

    Worth it for sure!

    Bought this and it was easy to install and worked great. Really puts a good seal without having to grease your filter.

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  • Polaris OEM Air Filter

    Polaris OEM Air Filter

    Milton in NV

    The right part , fast delivery. It's better than ...

    I will be buying tires soon . I know that I can get a good deal at Rocky mountain atv.

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