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All Dual Sport Bearings

Your dual sport bike is the result of decades of engineering and centuries of mechanical understanding. Perhaps one of the components on your motorcycle that demonstrates this best is the number of bearings needed to make everything work correctly.

Bearings – particularly needle bearings – have a number of unique properties that make them ideal for motorcycles. They facilitate a rotational movement by reducing friction. They also restrict movement outside of this rotation. The most obvious use for movement of this sort is in the wheels as they constantly rotate in order to move the bike along its course. But there are many other applications for bearings as well – the steering stem, which swivels left and right; the swingarm, which pivots up and down as you travel on rough terrain ; and the crankshaft, which rotates around and which is driven by the back-and-forth movement of the engine’s pistons. These are just a few of the bearings which keep your bike running.

At Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, we stock many kinds of bearings, and this page is where you’ll be able to find all of the different types in one place. We carry All Balls, Pivot Works and Bearing Connection, so you can be sure that the bearings you purchase from us are all quality aftermarket options. Enter your dual sport bike’s details in our Parts Finder, and we’ll show you exactly what we’ve got that will fit your machine. Pick up new bearings today!

Latest Dual Sport All Bearings Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • All Balls Wheel Bearing Kit

    All Balls Wheel Bearing Kit

    Matt in CO

    Not as tight as OEM

    They have held up to about the same mileage as the OEM ones did the only thing I didn't care for was how much play they had when they were new. Didn't seem to affect the life of them though.

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  • Hot Rods Water Pump Repair Kit

    Hot Rods Water Pump Repair Kit

    Jeff in CA

    great OEM replacement with perfect fit

    I had issues with the previous owner's work on this bike and had to replace the internals of the water pump. The Hot Rods kit dropped in perfectly and replaced every piece of the water pump. It's now a year and a half later and the kit is still rock solid.

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  • All Balls Rear Axle Bearing and Seal Kit

    All Balls Rear Axle Bearing and Seal Kit

    Richard in PA

    Great bearings

    Easy install. Still working great after a few long rides.

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  • All Balls Steering Stem Bearing Kit

    All Balls Steering Stem Bearing Kit

    Jeff in CA

    work great with almost perfect fit

    These worked great to replace my worn bearings and although they went in easy, the races went in a little too easy and seemed like they should have fit the stem a little tighter. I have had them in for nearly a year now without any problem. I just would have liked them to be a little tighter pressing in.

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  • All Balls Rear Wheel Bearing Upgrade Kit

    All Balls Rear Wheel Bearing Upgrade Kit

    JACK in MI

    Good Quality Replacement Bearing Kit

    The All Balls Rear Wheel Bearing kit installed flawlessly. My stock wheel bearings were shot. This kit was everything I needed including the hub spacer. They seem to be working as intended. They didn't shave any time off my laps so I don't know if it's really an upgrade or just a quality replacement.

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  • Hot Rods Crankshaft Main Bearing and Seal Kit

    Hot Rods Crankshaft Main Bearing and Seal Kit

    BILLY in NV


    i do 10 hours of riding in a weekend, Engine was fresh and this thing shattered putting metal all through my rebuilt engine. Used this bearing to save 20$, now I am going to be another 10 hours fixing this right instead of just using quality bearings the first time. Please learn from my mistakes and don't buy hot rods products, almost everything I have purchased from them has prematurely broken, this has been my last straw and I will never purchase hot rods products again.

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