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Brake PadsBrake Pads

Motorcycle Brake Pads

If you need new motorcycle brake pads, don’t delay. Return your bike to its proper handling ability. Not only is it much more enjoyable to ride a motorbike with proper braking, it’s also a lot safer too.

We’ve got several excellent brake pads to choose from. Whether you ride a sport bike or a cruiser, a Harley-Davidson® or a Honda, you’ll find the right pads here. Just enter your motorcycle’s make, model and year at the top to see exactly what is available for your machine. We carry many of the leading brands, including:

  • EBC
  • Galfer
  • Pro X
  • Neutron
  • Tusk

These are high quality names with long histories in the braking industry. We have both Galfer and EBC motorcycle brake pads available for most bikes, but for a few vehicles we have a wider selection.

Much of your choice is centered on organic vs. sintered metal brake pads. Organic pads are typically quiet and serve their purpose well – they just don’t last as long as other options. Sintered metal pads last much longer and also function well. However, they can be louder than organic pads, and that irritates some riders. They are also harsher on your rotor.

Whatever your choice, we’ve got the brake pads you prefer for your motorcycle. Check out our selection today.

Latest Motorcycle Brake Pads Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • EBC MXS Brake Pad - Sintered Metal

    EBC MXS Brake Pad - Sintered Metal

    DENNY in CA

    Sintered or Not Sintered

    After 100 or so miles stopping power remains excellent. Have noticed the front pad friction noise (relaxed position, no brake application) to be omitting a light metallic sound when freewheeling on the stand where the OEM pads did not. Maybe just a by-product of the sintered metal?

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  • Neutron Brake Pad - Sintered Metal

    Neutron Brake Pad - Sintered Metal

    LUCAS in ID

    Not as good as they used to be

    I've run these pads in the past with great success, but the last 2 sets I've installed howled from the beginning and wore super fast. Last weekend I installed a used set of neutron pads I've had in my toolbox for spares (for a couple years) and guess what? No howling and there was still pad left after the race.

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  • EBC Brake Pad - Sintered Metal

    EBC Brake Pad - Sintered Metal

    Justin in CT


    Great value!

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  • EBC Brake Pad - Severe Duty

    EBC Brake Pad - Severe Duty

    Philip in NC

    Great Product

    these things blow every other brake pad out of the water... i just recently replaced my front pad with these and couldnt be happier! great product!!

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  • EBC Brake Pad - Organic

    EBC Brake Pad - Organic

    SCOTT in TX

    As good as oem

    Works great

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  • Galfer Brake Pad - Sintered Metal

    Galfer Brake Pad - Sintered Metal

    James in Colorado

    They work great!

    I have been using Galfer pads for years. They are the best I have found. I just bought a set for my new bike, and wouldnt be writing this, but the people that say they get 'glaze' need to break in the pads correctly. All brake pads need to be 'bedded' or you will have issues. Get on the interenet or call your local repair shop if you dont know what you are doing...

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