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Motorcycle Rotors

One of the great things about motorcycles is that nearly every part is crafted with visibility in mind. Take brake rotors, for example. On most vehicles, drivers have no clue what their brakes even look like. But motorcyclists don’t just appreciate the stopping power of their rotor; they also can proudly display it since it’s a highly visible component.

Brake rotors – also known simply as discs – serve a vital function in stopping a motorcycle, and while style is important, it is only secondary to braking effectiveness. For example, many of the rotors we carry have holes drilled in them. While this can create an interesting visual effect, the primary function is actually to prevent the brake pads and rotor from overheating when they are in contact with one another (which consequently makes the brakes less effective). It can also help with water displacement.

Brake rotors work because they are attached directly to the wheel. When the brake pads are compressed on the rotor, it slows it down. This also decelerates the wheel and therefore the entire bike. In most cases, the front wheel’s rotor is what creates the necessary deceleration to slow the bike. However, the back wheel’s rotor is also important as it creates the balance required to maintain control of the motorcycle.

We’ve assembled a selection of brake rotors that perform well and complement your bike’s appearance. They are designed to fit each bike uniquely, and as such they are crafted with that bike’s style in mind. To see what is available for your machine, simply enter its make, model and year on this page. You’ll find rotors for everything from a Harley-Davidson® to a Ducati to a Honda. And with brands like Biker’s Choice or EBC, you know that you’re getting a quality part at an exceptional value.

Whether you ride a sport bike or a chopper, this is the place to find the motorcycle brake rotors that you need. Browse our selection to see if anything catches your eye, and pick one up today. Few things make you feel safer than enhancing your bike’s braking ability and safety at a price that makes sense.

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