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Don’t let the weather end your MX season prematurely. A motocross jacket will keep you warm, dry and ready to hit the track regardless of how Mother Nature is feeling. We’ve assembled a good selection of jackets to fit a variety of needs, and you’ll see that we carry numerous brands as well.

Of course, the primary reason you need a jacket is for warmth. Some riders prefer to avoid the track altogether when the weather gets colder. However, the cold days can be some of the best days because it’s possible that there will be fewer riders. A good jacket will allow you to ride without worrying about the temperature.

However, not all jackets are created equal. A motocross jacket will make sure that you have something that can keep you warm and that will accommodate the subtleties of the sport. For example, because motocross riding requires a great deal of physical exertion, sometimes you can warm up even on cold days, and suddenly a jacket can feel like it’s too much. MX jackets typically include ventilation to make sure that you can control the airflow around your body, preventing you from heating up too much by better managing your sweat.

Because motocross is a sport, speed is essential. Even when you’re just practicing at the track, it’s important to wear gear that will help you reach your potential. MX jackets are lightweight and flexible. They’ll allow you to ride your bike without restricting your movement.

You’ve also got to be prepared for roost coming at you or for crashes. Some motocross jackets are specifically designed to fit over armor like chest protectors or elbow pads. Others aren’t, but sometimes you can fit the protective gear over the top of the jacket. Make sure to read the product descriptions to know what to expect. Also, it’s important to note that some jackets are more durable than others.

If you’re looking for a motocross jacket, browse our selection today. You won’t be disappointed with our many options!

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  • A.R.C. Battle Born Adventure Jacket

    A.R.C. Battle Born Adventure Jacket

    mike in Alabama

    love it

    for the price there is nothing better for adventure riders. I got mine a few months back and have loved them. comfort and fit is great, venting is awesome, and they are well built. I have been in several light rain storms and they kept the water out . My bicep vent sipper got a few drops of water in, but I don't know if that is preventable. very happy with this purchase!

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  • A.R.C. Back Country Foul Weather Jacket

    A.R.C. Back Country Foul Weather Jacket

    Alexander in NS

    Hard to beat for the price

    Picked these up a couple months ago and so far no complaints. I am taller so the sleeves are just a hair short for me, probably could have fixed this with the next size up but the body would be to large for me then. Comfortable fit, great wind resistance and good venting when it got warm. Zipper on the neck to make room for neck brace also worked well if you had a hooded layer underneath and wanted more neck room. Overall for the price not much out there that can beat this combo for what you get.

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  • Fly Racing Patrol Jacket

    Fly Racing Patrol Jacket

    adam in MS

    Review on Fly Patrol Jacket

    I was looking for an enduro shell type jacket and got the Orange Patrol Jacket. It is vibrant, but not obnoxious. A good looking piece of gear. I wanted to wear it over my pressure suit, and at 5'8 160 athletic build, a Med fits perfectly. Its a generous "American" cut, but not too baggy in the mid section. I'd say the sizing chart is spot on. No need to size up or down. Its a newer design, with zip down front panels and a large rear panel. This is appreciated, as it will replace my Fly mesh jacket which has help up perfectly over the past 5 years of adventure riding. The zip down mesh panels flow on the front and a VERY large one on the back will flow a lot of air. These zip down panels aren't shown very well on the website. Its a great feature and FLY seems to not realize this in their marketing to retailers. Zip vents on the sleeves would have been an amazing feature, but they do zip off. Not sure that i'll use this feature, but its nice to have options. Build is decent. Lots of loose hanging threads that made me worry that velcro or seams aren't stitched on well, but everything looks to be ok, just poor QC. Overall, I'm very pleased and would buy another, and/or recommend it. I rely on reviews in part to make my purchase decisions, so I felt I'd give back and hopefully help someone out.

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  • MSR Xplorer Alterra Jacket

    MSR Xplorer Alterra Jacket

    TERRY in CA

    msr alterra jacket

    I owned a 20 year old msr jacket and it was time to replace it. there new jacket is well built and thought out !! ITS heavy and warm so be ready to use as a winter jacket.Great protection

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  • Fox Racing Legion Jacket

    Fox Racing Legion Jacket

    John in WA

    Excellent jacket for cool / wet days!

    Extremely happy with this Jacket. Bought this one to replace my old M16 Fox jacket. Primarily use this jacket for single track off-road rides, and it does great in the cold and the rain. While not water proof it's great for water resistance. Jacket is a lot less bulky than other jackets as well - highly recommend!

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  • Klim Forecast Jacket

    Klim Forecast Jacket

    Jon in NV

    Everything I hoped it would be

    Super light weight. Very comfortable. I don't sweat in this jacket like none breathable ones I've used. You forget that you have it on. I wear the EVS F1 under jersey roost deflector and Leatt 3D elbow guards and the large jacket is perfect (6'0" 190lbs.). I normally wear XL shirts and jersey. I ordered the XL jacket first and it was WAY to big. I have pretty long arms, and the XL was down past my finger tips. Hope this helps.

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