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Best Motocross Roost Deflectors | 2017

Dirt Bike Chest Protectors

Superior protection, comfort and versatility – these are the three things that every dirt bike rider should look for in a roost deflector, and Rocky Mountain ATV/MC sells only high quality roost deflectors that perform and protect. Our roost deflectors are made of high-impact resistant material, yet they’re so lightweight and comfortable, you hardly know you’re wearing them. Of course, we have the newest styles in chest protectors from industry-leading brands like Alpinestars, Answer, EVS, Fly, Fox, MSR, O’Neal, One Industries and Scott. Get an incredible value at Rocky Mountain ATV/

Latest Dirt Bike Roost Deflectors Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Answer Racing Terra-X Roost Deflector

    Answer Racing Terra-X Roost Deflector

    Chris in GA

    Awesome deflector.

    Great deflector. Comfortable. Fits great. Allows full range of movement. I was very pleased with it.

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  • Troy Lee BG 5955 Roost Deflector

    Troy Lee BG 5955 Roost Deflector

    Robert in MN

    TLD 5955

    Just purchased the 5955 because I wanted shoulder and upper arm protection while using a neck brace. My first ride today and it fit great. I even took a trip over the bars and it did it's job!

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  • Fox Racing Raptor CE Roost Deflector

    Fox Racing Raptor CE Roost Deflector

    Brett in CO

    These dang arm bits

    The arm protection won't stay on, I recommend just taking them off. Otherwise this has been a great chest protector. Finally someone made a more economic chest protector with rib protection. Have had no rub spots and snugs up well to the body; pretty comfortable.

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  • Thor Guardian Roost Deflector

    Thor Guardian Roost Deflector

    Don in WA

    All good is what it says nu

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  • Fox Racing Airframe Pro Jacket CE

    Fox Racing Airframe Pro Jacket CE

    Kevin in UT

    Straight Jacket

    I really wanted to like this jacket. I wanted something with shoulder pads and side protection and didn’t like the way the older Raptor shoulder pads and rivets break off. Construction materials and method is top notch and it should be as it costs a ton. This thing looks nice on the shelf and online, really nice, so much so that I convinced myself to buy it, even after not really liking the way it fit (both sizes) in the store. I thought surely I’d get used to it or maybe it would break in. BUT, this thing is terrible. It must weigh 10 pounds. It’s so heavy and stiff, I couldn’t even move in it. I could barely sit on my bike in the garage, let alone ride it. It seems like it would be super hot as well. The buckle design is terrible. More difficult to buckle than it should be and extremely hard to unbuckle. If you like riding in a heavy plastic and rubber straight jacket, that digs into you and prevents all movement, including breathing, then this is the jacket for you. Otherwise stay far, far away. On the plus side, Rocky Mountain is awesome as always. Took it back even though I was outside my 45 days and gave me credit to buy something that actually works. Back to my old tried and true Pro-Frame for now.

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  • EVS Revolution 4 Under Jersey Roost Deflector

    EVS Revolution 4 Under Jersey Roost Deflector

    Brandon in NH

    Great protection and a great value.

    The protector fits very well and is far more solid than I anticipated. Definitely satisfied with my purchase and glad I saved the $30+ dollars over buying a fancier brand protector. The savings went straight towards other gear!

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