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  • KTM Big MX Infant Bib

    KTM Big MX Infant Bib

    David in CA

    team orange crush

    It's a bib, but any time you have a little moto at the dinner table it's cool

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  • Kawasaki Collapsible Can Koozie

    Kawasaki Collapsible Can Koozie

    Andy in WI

    Can koozie to show your brand love

    Pretty much the same as any other can koozie except now show you're love for the green machines! Perfect small item to bump you purchase a litte to qualify for free shipping.

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  • KTM Flag

    KTM Flag

    Benjamin in PA

    Shop flag

    Great addition to my basement shop!

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  • KTM Toaster

    KTM Toaster

    ANDREW in IN

    Its a toaster

    Yes this toaster will toast one side of your bread and inscribe the KTM logo on the otherside of the bread though leaving this side untoasted except the logo. However I have used this for about a year and it heats up waffles great!. I have also put bagels in but the slot was a little narrow for a bagel. Overall its an average toaster that will inscribe a KTM logo into your toast but if you want your bread to be fully toasted then stick to a real toaster. Only heating frozen waffles....then this will work great.

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  • KTM Air Freshener

    KTM Air Freshener

    JORDAN in OH

    Ktm air freshener

    Smells like oranges and looks awesome

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  • KTM Parking Sign

    KTM Parking Sign

    Matt in CA


    KTM only parking sign need I say more

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