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Dirt Bike Communication Devices

Whether you are hitting the motocross track or spending the day on a trail, you are guaranteed to have some fun. One of the great things about dirt bikes is that all you need to do to have fun is just go out and ride. But a communications headset maximizes your experience. After all, the one thing that’s even better than riding is riding with friends. There’s nothing quite like showing off – or being there to see your buddy crash (safely, of course).

The problem is that while everyone enjoys a good braap from a two stroke, dirt bikes aren’t conducive to much communication beyond the occasional wave of the arm. All of that changes with a communications headset. When you’re connected to a wireless intercom, you’re able to keep in touch with the other riders in your party. A simple device like this might not turn a bad ride into a good one, but it can definitely transform a good riding day into a great one.

Latest Dirt Bike Communication Devices Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Sena 10S Bluetooth Communication System

    Sena 10S Bluetooth Communication System

    Jesse James in WA

    Sena 10S Bluetooth Communication System

    I like the Sena 10S very much. However, the quick start instructions rely mostly on drawings and not enough type. I had a very hard time downloading the Sena program with full owners operating manual. to my PC. I found it pretty difficult to preset the fm. My biggest gripe is the poor volume when using my I-Pod. The I pod is on full volume WIFI and the Sena 10S full volume. The Volume was minimal at 35 mph. At 70 MPH I could not hear the music. This is using a fully enclosed helmet riding a stock Kawasaki KLR 650 that is quiet. Note: the Sena 10S has very good volume for it's FM and pretty good Volume for the GPS and the Android Phone.

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  • UCLEAR® HBC100 PLUS Helmet Communication System

    UCLEAR® HBC100 PLUS Helmet Communication System

    Robert in TN

    Sounds Very Clear

    This system only picks up your voice and not any outside sounds like wind or motorcycle so your voice is very clear. Glad we got this one.

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  • Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Communication System Dual Pack

    Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Communication System Dual Pack

    ROSE in UT


    This is the best. Totally worth the money. It's a whole new experience riding with the ability to be able to listen to music in the background, answer phone calls, and make calls. All of which can be done so easy and controlled so easily, that I'm not worried about being distracted from the road. I definitely recommend the SMH10.

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  • UCLEAR® HBC200 Force Helmet Communication System

    UCLEAR® HBC200 Force Helmet Communication System

    Chris in Ohio

    Don't Waste Your Money

    I was with a group of 9 riders for a major 2-day dual sport ride and we never got these to work. 2-3 guys were able to get communication with each other at one point, but they lost the connection quickly. Mine never connected with the others in out group and we all had the same exact model.

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