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Youth Motocross Goggle Buyer's Guide

Kids / Youth Motocross Goggles

One of the great things about motocross is that even kids can participate and race, making it a true family sport. Make sure that everyone, regardless of age, has the proper eye protection with youth goggles. These smaller-sized goggles are perfect for younger riders. Getting goggles for kids won’t just protect their eyes from roost while riding; it will also instill in them at an early age the importance of wearing a full set of gear.

Kids’ goggles are smaller than adult-sized goggles so that they can better fit smaller faces and helmets. In fact, regular goggles may not even properly fit a youth helmet. They often don’t seal around the eyes properly because they’re sitting on the helmet instead. This can create a situation that is annoying at best and dangerous at worst. Motocross is a sport that requires focus, and a young rider needs to be able to channel as much of their focus on the track and their bike as possible. Improperly fitted gear is a distraction, but youth goggles help eliminate that with a size that is appropriate for young riders.

Of course, “young riders” can refer to anyone from tykes to teens. Youth motocross goggles are designed to fit a wide range of helmet sizes and rider ages, but they aren’t all the exact same size as each other. Before purchasing, make sure to read the product description. Some goggles are specifically designed for either smaller or bigger kids, and the product description will indicate if this is the case. Another helpful resource is the customer reviews, where you can read the opinions and experiences of other riders who have purchased goggles for their kids (or themselves) in the past.

We carry excellent brands that are known for quality MX eyewear. Many of the same features that are available on adult goggles are available on kid’s goggles as well – soft face foam, durable straps, UV protection, anti-fog technology and more. They also come in a variety of colors and styles.

While these are classified as youth MX goggles, don’t be afraid to try them out even if you’re an adult. Some smaller adults – particularly women – find that youth goggles fit them better than adult goggles.

If you’re ready to buy some kid’s motocross goggles, you’re in the right place. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC carries nearly 100 options (and always at low prices). We also have great goggle accessories as well, such as replacement lenses or tear-offs for youth goggles. Browse our selection today!

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