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Clutch CablesClutch Cables

Clutch Cables from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Clutch cables at the best prices and selection.

Latest ATV Clutch Cables Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Motion Pro Clutch Cable

    Motion Pro Clutch Cable

    Dave in Idaho

    Motion Pro clutch cable sheathing collapses

    Bought this motion pro clutch cable to replace my broken OEM cable. Have boughten Motion Pro products in the past and they have never been an issue. However, after riding the bike for approx. 20 total miles and having to constantly adjust the cable at the perch I thought my clutch plates were going bad. I thought the plates/basket were bad because I could never get the bike to go easily into neutral when I stopped and the bike always wanted to creep along when stopped in gear and the clutch in. So I bought a clutch kit and installed it and still had to keep adjusting the cable at the perch and at the inline adjustment and could never get the creeping to subside...WHAT THE HECK?!?! Finally, near the end of a ride I lost total feel at the clutch lever and could not get any resistance with both adjusters all the way extended. I got the bike back to the truck by speed shifting and started doing a search on the WWW when I got home. I found one instance of a guy in the UK who had the same problem and found that his cable sheathing had buckled and collapsed near the motor end of the cable and this in essence made the cable to long to compensate for. This is not easy to see b/c the end of the cable is under the carb and behind the starter and header pipe. In short, I will not purchase another Motion Pro cable...sticking with OEM from now on. It caused a lot of wasted time and frustration until I finally realized the problem.

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  • Tusk Clutch Cable

    Tusk Clutch Cable

    DAVID in PA


    Good quality

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  • All Balls Clutch Cable

    All Balls Clutch Cable

    NATHAN in WA

    works well

    good quailty clutch cable! no binding or dragging

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  • Motion Pro Terminator Clutch Cable

    Motion Pro Terminator Clutch Cable

    Wes in ID


    I actually think that Motion Pro's Cables are Fantastic!

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  • Motion Pro T3 Slidelight Clutch Cable

    Motion Pro T3 Slidelight Clutch Cable

    mike in OR

    smooth pulling cable

    This cable works great, really light pull on the clutch lever now vs the stock cable.

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  • Sunline Matrix Clutch Cable

    Sunline Matrix Clutch Cable

    Tom in NJ

    Awesome value

    Nice smooth clutch action.

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