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4-Stroke Exhaust4-Stroke Exhaust

4-Stroke Exhaust from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

It’s no secret that a properly selected aftermarket exhaust system can do wonders for your dirt bike. There isn’t an easier or faster way to add horsepower throughout your bike’s RPM range. When you want a new dirt bike exhaust system, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is the best source around. We carry an extensive selection of dirt bike exhausts. Do you love FMF exhausts? So do we. Are you looking for a Yosh exhaust system? We’ve got several. How about a ProCircuit T-4 silencer? We carry it. Do you want a Moto Works exhaust? You’re in the right place. Interested in a Lexx MXe slip-on? Get it here at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. If you own a 4-stroke dirt bike, a new exhaust system is a must have.

Whether you need a new muffler to boost your motocross racing performance or just a good silencer with a USFS-approved spark arrestor for enduro use, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is the best place to find dirt bike exhaust pipes. We carry all of the leading brands: FMF, Yoshimura, Lexx, Pro Circuit, Motoworks and more. Exhausts are available in a variety of materials as well: titanium, stainless steel, aluminum and even carbon fiber. When you need a 4-stroke exhaust for your motorcycle, you can’t go wrong with these excellent mufflers and silencers. Whether you’re into motocross or just love a good trail, your dirt bike will really rip with these exhaust systems!

Latest Dirt Bike 4-Stroke Exhaust Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Pro Circuit T-4 S/A Complete Exhaust System

    Pro Circuit T-4 S/A Complete Exhaust System

    Chris in AZ

    Awesome upgrade for the Honda 150f

    Little pricey for a 150f exhaust but really made a difference in power and throttle response. The 150f is pretty dulled down but this pipe and header help.

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  • Yoshimura RS-4 Stainless/Aluminum Slip-On

    Yoshimura RS-4 Stainless/Aluminum Slip-On

    Drew in AR

    Very pleased

    Excellent exhaust system. Totally changed the appearance of the bike along with a small change is horsepower on the bottom and mid range

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  • Pro Circuit T-6 Slip-On Silencer

    Pro Circuit T-6 Slip-On Silencer

    Brian in WA

    great silencer

    I had bought an pro Circuit pipe for a two stoke I used to own and loved it, since converting to 4 stroke I decided to try out Pro circuit again, this pipe is great not to loud and gave me everything I was looking for.

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  • FMF Power Core 4 Hex S/A Silencer

    FMF Power Core 4 Hex S/A Silencer

    thomas in FL


    Great Performance for the price point! and the installation was very easy.

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  • Lexx MXe Slip-On Silencer With Mid-Pipe

    Lexx MXe Slip-On Silencer With Mid-Pipe

    Robert in AR

    Outstanding value and performance

    While not a considerable power-adder, my 2006 KLR 650 seems to have benefitted from additional torque during acceleration. The mid pipe uses the factory clamp where it attaches to the header. The silencer is a very tight fit to the mid pipe, and the springs provided were not able to be expanded without failure of the spring. I will use wound wire to ensure they stay connected, however the kit is extremely well engineered and tolerances very tight, so I imagine that I could do nothing, and there is little-to-no chance for separation of the mid pipe from either the silencer or the header. The only other issue is that the bolts that attach the silencer straps to the factory mount locations were too short and did not protrude beyond the back side of the nuts provided. I will likely purchase longer bolts as replacements for this. The entire system looks great on the motorcycle. Sealing the components with high temp silicone works well. Although I like the tunability, there is little chance that I will actually change internals. Although louder than the factory muffler, it is not so much so that it is annoying to the rider; some believe that louder exhausts on motorcycles improves safety in traffic. The only other issue is that there is occasional popping during deceleration. It may be necessary to increase the primary and main jets after installation, but there is no recommendation in the installation instructions to do so. I'm going to ride them a few hundred miles and evaluate the plug before I make any changes to the carb. All-in-all, an excellent product at a super value. I am very happy with it so far.

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  • FMF Power Bomb Header Pipe

    FMF Power Bomb Header Pipe

    Kenneth in OH


    fitted to a 2008 klr 650 with a 685 big bore kit. both combined helped the pig a lot. considerable about of bottom end gain. the finish of the entire fmf exhaust is perfect and a well put together product

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