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2-Stroke Pipes2-Stroke Pipes

2-Stroke Dirt Bike Pipes

If you’re part of the 2-stroke crowd, you recognize the raw mechanical power that is inherent in each and every 2-stroke dirt bike. And you probably also know that the exhaust pipe is one of the secrets to harnessing even more power. When it’s time to find a new 2-stroke pipe, you know that you can count on the industry leader for dirt bike parts: Rocky Mountain ATV/MC! We carry many 2-stroke pipes. Whether you want to improve your dirt bike’s power through the low RPM range or want to get an extra boost on the top end, you can count on Rocky Mountain ATV/MC.

We carry two-stroke pipes from two of the leading brands in exhaust pipes: FMF and Pro Circuit. To find a pipe that fits your motorcycle, just enter your bike’s make, model and year into the parts finder. We’ll show you what’s available for your particular machine. It’s never been easier to find a new two-stroke pipe! (If you’re just looking for a stock replacement, take a look at our OEM parts.)

Whether you’re looking for something specific like the FMF “Fatty Moto” or just want to see what 2-stroke pipes might be available for your individual dirt bike, you know that you can always count on Rocky Mountain ATV/MC to deliver!

Latest Dirt Bike 2-Stroke Pipes Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • FMF Factory Fatty Pipe

    FMF Factory Fatty Pipe

    Jason in IL

    Looks Great

    Looks Great, fitment was pretty good, RM service and delivery was outstanding as usual, didn't see much performance improvement over stock if any though...

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  • Pro Circuit Platinum 2 Pipe

    Pro Circuit Platinum 2 Pipe

    Matthew in NC


    I purchased this for a 2005 KTM 300 EXC as part of an overhaul on the whole bike, so I cannot specify on performance with the product alone. The pipe came extremely well made. I put a guard on it for protection. This pipe has lasted many years of being dropped.

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  • FMF Gold Series Pipe, "Fatty Moto"

    FMF Gold Series Pipe, "Fatty Moto"

    Craig in NV

    Sounds great!

    Sounds great, and I’m working out some jetting issues. Although, the fit is not great. There is about an inch of space at the lower frame connection. It is the correct year, bike, etc. also, there were a few dents on it, and not the fitment dents for the radiator, etc.. overall it’s a great pipe.

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  • FMF Gold Series Pipe, "Gnarly Torque"

    FMF Gold Series Pipe, "Gnarly Torque"

    Ignacio in AZ

    Sounds great

    Sounds good, bit of a noticable difference in low end, but happy with it.

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  • FMF Gold Series Pipe, "Fatty Torque"

    FMF Gold Series Pipe, "Fatty Torque"

    John in MI


    Great all around pipe for the Zilla. Nice wide powerband that performs well in tight trails and the dunes.

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  • FMF Gold Series Pipe, "Gnarly Desert"

    FMF Gold Series Pipe, "Gnarly Desert"

    Jordan in UT

    Increased low - mid range power

    Did not disappoint. I was a little weary of if it would masked much of a difference... It did and it was noticeable right away. And it sounds cool.

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