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Engine Valves and Shim KitsEngine Valves and Shim Kits

Dirt Bike Engine Intake and Exhaust Valves, Springs and Shims

When you hit the throttle of your dirt bike, there may be any number of things going through your head. If you’re racing on a motocross track, you might be anticipating the next series of whoops. If you’re on an enduro trail, you might be watching out for fallen trees. You’re probably not thinking about your engine valves, but that doesn’t reduce their importance. Your intake and exhaust valves are continually in motion, ensuring that your engine is operating at its peak performance. If they aren’t… well, fallen trees and whoops are going to be the last things on your mind.

When it’s time to replace your dirt bike valves, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is your one-stop shop. We carry an extensive assortment of motorcycle engine valves: intake and exhaust valves, titanium and steel valves, and more. We stock leading brands like Pro X, Faction MX and Hot Cams. And with our Parts Finder, identifying the valves you need is easy. Need CRF250R valves? How about for a YZ250F? No problem! Just enter your bike’s make, model and year. We’ll do the rest to show you what fits.

Aside from valves, we also have important accessories like spring kits or shim kits. We even stock individual shims measured down to half sizes! And with the best prices, there’s nothing better than Rocky Mountain ATV/MC!

Latest Dirt Bike Engine Valves and Shim Kits Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Pro X Valve Shim

    Pro X Valve Shim

    ricardo in CO

    Valve adjustment

    I just went through my KX 250 F and bought a Wiseco piston, rings and gasket kit. The shims were exact when measured with a micrometer making my life much easier and funner. I’ve been a R M customer for years and have never been disappointed.

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  • K & L Valve Shim

    K & L Valve Shim

    Kris in ID

    Perfect fit and excellent quality.

    Perfect fit and seems to be well hardened. Dealer wanted 14 bucks a piece for them and did not have them in stock but could order them! I laughed and told them I can order them too. I did it right from my phone at their parts counter!

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  • Hot Cams Valve Shim Kit

    Hot Cams Valve Shim Kit

    A. D. in UT

    Probably very good but....

    Bought the shim kit but truthfully I have never needed a valve adjustment in 4,000 miles, checked yearly on KTM 530.

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  • Pro X Valve Shim Kit

    Pro X Valve Shim Kit

    Grant in NB

    Good selection

    It had the shims I needed for my intake valves and actually dead on specs they say they are, they seemed to fit to a T and all is well, lots of selection so I’ll have this kit a long time

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  • Pro X Steel Exhaust Valve/Spring Kit

    Pro X Steel Exhaust Valve/Spring Kit

    nathan in MB

    good quality calves up graded spring perfect fit once valves were laped had the perfect fit dead in the middle.

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  • Pro X Steel Intake Valve/Spring Kit

    Pro X Steel Intake Valve/Spring Kit

    BRYON in CA


    If you can grind the seats, DO IT or have your favorite machine shop fit them for you. While you have the head off, pull the cylinder off and add a nice forged piston and your engine will last a long time reasonably on a trail bike. We have a 250X with 5+ years on it @ 100-200 hrs a year without having to re-shim....

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