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Fuel Controllers from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

High quality fuel management parts at a great price and wide selection.

Latest Dirt Bike Fuel Controllers Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • JD Jetting Power Surge 6X Fuel Injection Tuner

    JD Jetting Power Surge 6X Fuel Injection Tuner

    Kyle in TN

    helps, but ..

    Interestingly, the standard settings that came with the one I bought for my Husqvarna TE250 were so wrong they made the bike run horribly. I talked with JD, and then he tells me that the map for the TE is basically too rich everywhere because it's the same map/ECU used for all the Husqvarna models, including much larger displacement. So after learning that I used my butt dyno and ended up taking out fuel from several of the settings. The JDJ tuner really helped minimize and almost eliminate the flame out issue, and overall bike ran cleaner. I was disappointed it took so much fiddling to get it right when it was supposed to come with corrrect base setting. My Husaberg came with one tho, and it ran so good I didn't even bother learning how to adjust the tuner for more than a year, there wasn't any reason to mess with it.

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  • Lexx EFI Fuel Controller

    Lexx EFI Fuel Controller

    KEN in ID

    Pleasantly surprised...(KFX450R)

    I was a little skeptical getting this. I wavered back and forth for a while, and finally decided to go for it. I have the FMF Power Core 4 slip-on, K&N filter and well ventilated airbox lid, and felt it ran pretty good for having no motor work done. After installing the programmer, I took it out on a deserted paved road near my house and blew through the gears in a hurry. I knew it felt faster, but wasn't sure just how much. The next day, I took it out to a riding area that I go to once or twice a week, so I know what my machine can do on pretty much all the trails. It is full of moderately steep hillclimbs, drainage berms and lots of winding sections that allow you to use varying throttle the entire ride. I could really feel the difference from the last time riding there. Undeniably quicker through the gears, better torque, and simply more overall power throughout the RPM range. The only small problem was when I first started the machine after install, it would not idle without the "choke" knob pulled out. I figured out that I needed to turn up the idle screw quite a bit higher than it was set without the controller. Now it idles normally, and starts about the same as it did. Can't wait to hit the Saint Anthony dunes as soon as I can to see how much better I can climb Chokecherry...right now, I can pull 3rd gear all the way, but speed has slowed nearly enough by the top to almost need 2nd. Hopefully I can keep 3rd pulling hard all the way to the top now!

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  • Yamaha GYTR Power Tuner

    Yamaha GYTR Power Tuner

    Daniel in CA

    A must buy

    A must for newer YZ or WR owners , learning what maps they have that fits your bike set up / riding style / conditions you ride in is key , ” thumpertalk.Com “ has many rider imputs with ecu maps to choose from and posting up questions will help get you feedback

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  • Dynojet Power Commander V Fuel and Ignition Control

    Dynojet Power Commander V Fuel and Ignition Control

    Mariano in TX

    easy install

    Must have if you make engine changes

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  • Yamaha GYTR Competition Kit ECU

    Yamaha GYTR Competition Kit ECU

    Patrick in MI

    Super easy to install and what a difference after installing a couple of maps.

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  • Dynojet Power Commander V

    Dynojet Power Commander V

    AARON in TX

    Really good

    Installed it on my 2006 Suzuki ltr450 quad racer. Super easy one you download the program onto your pc. Won't work with Apple's.

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