Adventure Motorcycle Air Filter Cleaner

Dual sport bikes can go just about anywhere – from highways to remote trails, no terrain is off-limits. Because adventure rides can span for hours crossing multiple types of terrain in one trip, your air filter may require more frequent maintenance. Keeping your air filter clean and oiled will ensure that you are getting the best performance out of your bike so you can hit all the stops along your way.

At Rocky Mountain ATV, we carry everything you will need to get your filter clean and as good as new again. We have cleaners and oils for all types of filters, and even tutorial videos to help you clean and maintain your filter if you have never done it before. Using the incorrect cleaners and oils can cause premature deterioration with certain filters, so pay special attention to type of chemicals you choose to make sure that they are compatible with the filter you have.

Filter maintenance is about as easy as it gets, and with our help, your machine will be breathing free and clear again in no time. Check out our selection of cleaners and oils now!

Latest Dual Sport Air Filter Maintenance Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Bel-Ray Foam Air Filter Oil

    Bel-Ray Foam Air Filter Oil

    Todd in SC

    great foam filter oil

    I have used many different kinds of foam air filter oil, this stuff is the best. It remains sticky and traps dirt better than others. The inside of the filter is always clean. The dark blue color helps you see where you have applied the oil so you can get a nice uniform distribution. Protect your engine from dirt with Bel-Ray foam filter oil.

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  • Bel-Ray Foam Air Filter Oil Spray

    Bel-Ray Foam Air Filter Oil Spray

    Carl in PA


    When I was done cleaning my air filter and sprayed this on it came out really thick so I didn't gave to go over the same spot twice and it made a major change in performance when power band hit

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  • No Toil Standard Air Filter Maintenance Kit With Grease

    No Toil Standard Air Filter Maintenance Kit With Grease

    PAUL in OH

    Easy filter maintenance

    I discovered this stuff 15 years ago and never looked back and have never had a failure due to dirt in my motor. Highly recommend

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  • PJ1 Foam Air Filter Oil

    PJ1 Foam Air Filter Oil

    Stephen in CA

    Very tacky!

    Works great. I use it with my two-stage UNI air filter, I ride a lot in fine sand (Superstition and Glamis) never gets past the filter once oiled with this stuff. I clean and oil my filters every ride. This stuff comes off easily with dish washing soap and applies easily and evenly. For the price it is all that I buy.

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  • K & N Power Kleen Air Filter Cleaner

    K & N Power Kleen Air Filter Cleaner

    marc in NJ

    drz400sm crf250l

    only used it once so far... seemed to work well and do the job efficiently... i am not a fan of K&N air filters, but i will give this one a go for a few more miles and see about maybe going to a uni or twin air...

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  • K & N Air Filter Oil

    K & N Air Filter Oil

    marc in NJ

    drz400sm crf250l

    no problems... i see what they have caught, and it makes me feel comfortable using them... cheaper then OEM. i switch back and fourth between OEM and these...

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