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Air Filter Maintenance Supplies

Your engine needs air to fire up just as much as you need air to breathe. Clogged, dirty or damaged air filters will prevent your machine from performing properly, or even firing up at all. Luckily, changing or cleaning an air filter is such a simple process that it can be done by any rider, regardless of mechanical skill.

Most street bikes come stock with a paper filter. These cannot be cleaned, only replaced, as any form of cleaning will just damage the filter. You can find these replacement filters in the OEM section of our website. Foam and fiber/cloth filters are easy to clean and maintain, and tend to have a much longer life than paper filters as long as they are properly cleaned and oiled. Just be sure to buy the proper cleaner and oil for the type of filter you have, as using chemicals on a filter they are not intended for can cause deterioration or damage.

At Rocky Mountain ATV/MC we carry everything you will need from the top brands such as K&N, No Toil, Uni, Klotz and more to make your filter cleaning experience easy and painless, along with a how-to video for cleaning and oiling a K&N filter. Give that machine some clean air so you can get back on the road and ride!

Latest Motorcycle Air Filter Maintenance Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Maxima Air Filter Cleaner

    Maxima Air Filter Cleaner

    Shane in CA

    Works great.

    Dissolves filter oil better than any other cleaner I’ve tried. Down side is I go through a can quickly.

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  • K & N Sealing Grease

    K & N Sealing Grease

    Roger in AZ

    A must have !

    Works perfect every time to seal the air filter against seepage of dust and other contaminants. I use it every time I pull my air filter for service.

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  • Twin Air Liquid Dirt Remover

    Twin Air Liquid Dirt Remover


    Great Cleaner

    Used it for years. Cleans filters. Lasts me for about six months.

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  • Uni Foam Air Filter Service Kit

    Uni Foam Air Filter Service Kit

    Roger in AZ

    Great value !

    Perfect for oiling my UNI filter and cleaning it. UNI uses a bit different of an oil than most and I keep mine oiled with this kit all the time. Hard to beat for the money too !

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  • Maxima Foam Air Filter Oil

    Maxima Foam Air Filter Oil

    Frank in MI

    Works as advertised

    Does exactly what filter oil is supposed to do. super tacky after drying. when coupled with a quality filter filtration should not be an issue.

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  • PJ1 Foam Air Filter Cleaner

    PJ1 Foam Air Filter Cleaner

    BRAD in WI

    PJ1 Filter Cleaner

    The product it's self works very good and cleaning the oil and dirt out of the filter. My problem with this product is the can that the product comes in. I have had many cans stop spraying well before they are even close to being empty, it becomes very expensive to use this product when you end up throwing 1/2 of the can away

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