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Fuel Additives

The avid motorcycle enthusiast knows that when used consistently, fuel additives are some of the easiest and least expensive ways to protect the engine of your motorcycle. Rust, grime, debris and water caused by increased ethanol in fuel can cause your engine to bog, stall and even seize in serious cases. A fuel additive will help keep your engine clean and running smoothly all year long.

We carry additives from top brands in the industry such as Yamalube, Klotz, Gold Eagle, Maxima, and PJ1 to boost and stabilize your fuel. Cleaning those important components of engine such as your carburetor, valves, piston/rings, and combustion chamber can be done preventatively every time you run these chemicals through your tank.

You can even turn some heads (and some noses) while riding your motorcycle around. Grab a scented gas additive from Manhattan Oil and leave a savory scent everywhere you go! With flavors like cherry, apple, cinnamon, and cotton candy, you will leave a memorable wake wherever you ride. Check out our selection of fuel additives today!

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