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Dirt Bike Gas Cans

Get yourself a dirt bike gas can that works well and is CARB compliant. Make it easy on yourself. With the right gas can, you can quickly and easily refuel your bike without hassle or stress. Whether you’re hitting the motocross tracks or just riding the trails, a proper and effective fuel can is just what you need for your dirt bike.

We also carry fuel accessories. You might find something that will make your gas can easier to pour or will help with its transportation. There are also funnels, 2-stroke fuel mixing indicators, replacement spouts, fuel line and more. Check out our selection now!

Latest Dirt Bike Fuel Cans and Accessories Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Tuff Jug Utility Jug Replacement O-Ring

    Tuff Jug Utility Jug Replacement O-Ring

    Brian in MO

    Great products

    When I bought my tuff jug it didn’t have the o ring with it. I contacted RM and they sent me one. It works great.

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  • Sports Parts Inc. In-Line Fuel Filter

    Sports Parts Inc. In-Line Fuel Filter

    Todd in CO

    Very good product works as it should, I would recommend anyone to buy from rocky mountain atv.

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  • Helix Racing Products Fuel Line

    Helix Racing Products Fuel Line

    IDEAS in CA

    High quality line, decent UV resistance

    Lifecycle of this line will be lower than something like the Motion pro lines (high quality non see-through) but it is handy on an old beater to be able to see fuel flowing. Great when used with a see-through filter for confirming the quality/purity of that crappy desert gas you got from a Baja fill-up!

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  • Visu-Filter In-Line Fuel Filter

    Visu-Filter In-Line Fuel Filter

    IDEAS in CA

    Easy to clean, lasts for years

    These units are very effective, fairly durable and easily cleaned using a backwashing technique. Good to see what kind of gribblies end up in your fuel, moreso on pitbikes and smaller rides that get filled by the kiddos.

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  • VP Racing Power Spout Filler Hose

    VP Racing Power Spout Filler Hose


    Spout doesn’t work for me

    The idea sounded great! No more transferring fuel to other jugs, just pour out of the can. That’s not how it worked for me. The unit that was sent to me just won’t properly thread on the necks of the cans. If I can even get it to start threading on it won’t seal. Lots of fuel ends up leaking out. I don’t know if the unit I got was defective because others who reviewed this VP spout have had the same issues. I ordered it over the winter and it was past the return period by the time I had a chance to use it. VP is a good company and makes quality stuff. This was my experience. I just can’t bring myself to try another one. Back to transferring from cans to jugs.....

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  • Tusk Fuel Line

    Tusk Fuel Line

    Jay in WA

    It's good but...

    It is better than a lot of hose, but not as good as Motion Pro but it is much cheaper. It does eventually stiffen up but still pliable.

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