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UTV Gas Can

Looking for a gas can to take along in your UTV? A portable fuel jug allows you to extend your riding sessions even longer. Plus, bringing extra fuel is always a good safety measure if you’re planning on driving a large distance from your base camp.

We carry several high quality gas cans that are designed for the safe and effective transportation of fuel. They are CARB compliant, so you can rest assured that your gas can includes the proper spout to dispense fuel and meets all other CARB regulations as well. They are also built well and designed to fit compactly alongside other items. This is perfect if you need to strap your gas can in your UTV’s bed and don’t have a lot of room. We also carry the RotopaX fuel pack which makes it easy to mount the fuel container in locations like your roll cage.

Aside from gas cans, we also carry a number of other fuel accessories, from fuel line to fuel jug spouts. Browse our selection now to see for yourself what we’ve got available.

Latest UTV Fuel Cans and Accessories Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Visu-Filter In-Line Fuel Filter

    Visu-Filter In-Line Fuel Filter

    Jason in MN


    This is a clean looking compact filter the fits in areas most filters do not.

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  • Tusk Fuel Line

    Tusk Fuel Line

    john in MA

    Excellent quality

    Excellent quality Excellent quality Excellent quality

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  • KTM Funnel

    KTM Funnel

    J in AZ

    Big funnel!

    This funnel was way bigger than I thought, not a bad thing I just wasn't expecting it. Otherwise great product.

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  • RotopaX Fuel Pack

    RotopaX Fuel Pack

    Jim in OH

    Thick gas can that's expensive, but works...

    It's good because it's thick, I trust it and it's a value if you run out of gas and need it. But it's not much more than a thick gas can...

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  • RotopaX LOX Pack Mount

    RotopaX LOX Pack Mount

    Jeremie in OH

    If you invest in the can, make sure it doesn't walk...

    The 2 gallon can along with the locking mount make a trip into the middle of nowhere perfectly feasible now. For most of our riding this is just an insurance policy really, but definitely heavy duty and a nice to have whether we mount it to the trailer or the SxS for the trip.

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  • Motion Pro Low Permeation Fuel Line

    Motion Pro Low Permeation Fuel Line

    Stephen in FL

    Just too stiff for my routing needs

    I bought an aftermarket petcock for my DRZ400SM and changed the fuel line routing. This cable is too stiff for a close to 90 degree bend where I need it. It will resist kinking, but only because it is so stiff It can't bend in the first place. It seemed to play nice with my fittings and hose clamps during my attempts, though.

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