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Levers-Machine SpecificLevers-Machine Specific

Levers-Machine Specific from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Your source for pro quality machine specific brake levers, clutch levers, throttle levers and assemblies.

Latest Dirt Bike Levers-Machine Specific Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Hammerhead Shift Lever Kit With Knurled Tip

    Hammerhead Shift Lever Kit With Knurled Tip

    Cam in UT

    SICK Shift Lever !!!!

    The Hammerhead shift levers are Awesome!!!! They have done a Great job and we love their products. We highly recommend them to anyone who rides!!!!

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  • MSR Grip Lever Set

    MSR Grip Lever Set

    Cam in UT

    Great Grip Levers

    These MSR Grip Levers are Awesome and plus they look Sweet!!! Highly recommend them to any rider out there !!!

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  • Tusk Clutch Lever

    Tusk Clutch Lever

    Robert in AZ

    Good match

    Great match to oem lever.

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  • MSR Brake Lever

    MSR Brake Lever

    Eddy in WA

    Brake Lever

    Great lever fit right up, good finish.

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  • Next Components Smart Clutch Lever

    Next Components Smart Clutch Lever

    BRET in CO

    Next clutch lever

    Bought this for my Husaberg TE300 (2012). Fits fine, works fine. But, there are issues: no adjustability and the lever shape is designed for large hands and long fingers. My index finger cannot reach the lever, so must us the middle and ring finger to disengage the clutch. If you have long fingers, this lever will work fine. I'm going to write Matrix Concepts, who make the lever, and see if they have any shorter lever options, or something with a bend closer to the bars. The lever should be easy to replace from the pivot. So, the non-adjustability issue kept bothering me. I solved it by modifying the clutch pushrod. I took about 1/16 to 3/32" off the ball end of it that fits into the pocket on the lever. I chucked the pushrod into a drill and used 200 grit sandpaper to reshape the end into a ball to insure smooth action. This brought the lever in about 3/8" so now I can use it with my index finger like I did with the stock level. By the way, I send an email to Matrix Concepts on their website and never heard a reply. Not too good at customer support, I guess.

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  • Hammerhead Forged Shift Lever Kit With Knurled Tip

    Hammerhead Forged Shift Lever Kit With Knurled Tip

    TAYLOR in UT

    Hammerhead shifter

    Great shifter cool colors that match the bike and make it look good. Easy to install.

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