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Levers-Machine SpecificLevers-Machine Specific

Levers-Machine Specific from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Your source for pro quality machine specific brake levers, clutch levers, throttle levers and assemblies.

Latest Dirt Bike Levers-Machine Specific Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Motion Pro Clutch Lever

    Motion Pro Clutch Lever

    Michael in CA

    Can't beat em

    Awesome product for the price why buy $140 asv levers when you could buy 20 motion pro levers for less. If you break that many levers you may want to look into a new hobbie

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  • Tusk Clutch Lever

    Tusk Clutch Lever

    Lee in PA


    It's kind of weird ordering though.. my bike is a 93 cr250 and technically I can't order this item unless I put my bike as a 96 - even though they are the same. Even with writing this review, I can't select my bike. Regardless, great item once you figure out if you can order it or not! About 1-1/2 inches longer than an MSR or stock lever, but I don't mind it! Can't argue about the price either.

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  • Tusk Folding Shift Lever

    Tusk Folding Shift Lever

    Lee in PA


    I kept purchasing MSR shifters for my CR and it always seemed like they were very close to the ignition cover. Thought it was just my fault (bike is old ). However, after purchasing tusk, I don't think I'll buy anything other again. It fits snug, tightens down, no movement and the best of all - it has the clearance you would find in an OEM shifter! Great product - haven't had the chance to test the durability yet, but it seems just as sturdy as an MSR.

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  • MSR Brake Lever

    MSR Brake Lever

    Lee in PA

    You'll probably just break it!

    It's a brake level - unless you have the unbreakable or never lay your bike down, this will probably bend or break. But it's good quality for the price and has surprised me in some instances. Black looks pretty cool also!

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  • Hammerhead Forged Shift Lever Kit With Knurled Tip

    Hammerhead Forged Shift Lever Kit With Knurled Tip

    Kevin in LA

    Put thread lock on it!!!

    People seem to be having problems stripping out the aluminum teeth. Put thread lock on the teeth and tighten like normal, give it a few hours to fully dry, this will help it from stripping. Otherwise, its pretty much a prettier stock replacement, nothing special besides looks.

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  • ASV C6 Series Brake Lever

    ASV C6 Series Brake Lever

    Kohlette in NV


    This lever has worked great for me. Holds up to the tip overs and wrecks! The designs fits well for me!

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