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Ignition Coils and StatorsIgnition Coils and Stators

Dirt Bike Stators, Ignition Coils and Spark Plug Wires

If you’re like most off-road enthusiasts, you care more about the whoops and berms of the local motocross track or nearby trail than you do about every little electrical component of your dirt bike. That doesn’t mean that something like a faulty ignition coil can’t shut down a day’s worth of riding. Don’t stay out of commission for long – Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is your source for all your dirt bike ignition coil and stator needs. Of course, this is only the beginning of what we offer. We carry curve map switches, engine starter switches, complete stator kits, rev limiters, motorcycle spark plug wires and more. And with brands like Trail Tech, Big Gun and Tusk, you know that you’re getting high quality parts. (If you’re looking for OEM parts, we have those too! Just take a look at our OEM section!)

All you need to do is enter your dirt bike’s make, model and year. We’ll do the rest, showing exactly what products will fit your bike. If there is a dirt bike rev limiter that matches your motorcycle, you’ll see it. If we’ve got a dirt bike stator to fix your machine, we’ll show you. And with the best prices around, the most you’ll need to worry about is scheduling your next off-road trip!

Latest Dirt Bike Ignition Coils and Stators Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Polisport Ignition Cover Protection

    Polisport Ignition Cover Protection

    Attila in ON

    Decent engine protection covers. Not bad.

    Decent protection cover. Pretty nice quality and they look great. Could be a little better fit. Because the fit isn’t perfect you have to be careful how you torque them down since pulling on one side vs the other where the bolts go in. On the ignition side depending on what skid plate you have you might have to shave some plastic material off to get it to fit agains the protection cover (which I did just shaved off some of the plastic skid plate and it fit). If figment was better would give better review but still pretty happy.

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  • GET GP1-Power ECU (NO CA)

    GET GP1-Power ECU (NO CA)

    Jeremy in KY

    Get review

    The get gp 1 ecu is very nice. I never received an instruction and the representation of the product to anyone outside the race teams are lacking. However the performance is flawless.

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  • Dynojet Power Commander V Fuel and Ignition Control

    Dynojet Power Commander V Fuel and Ignition Control

    Rich in IA

    A must have for any racer.

    Excellent product. If you plan on getting the most out of any mod,then you will want this product. Love the adjustability.

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  • Tusk Engine Starter Switch

    Tusk Engine Starter Switch

    Westley in VA

    Holy Smokes!

    I'm pretty sure this is a dang fine starter button. The jury is still out but I have reasons to believe that this little beauty added at least 40HP to my engine's performance! But seriously, works as described and does it's thing as it should.

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  • KTM Ignition Curve Map Switch

    KTM Ignition Curve Map Switch

    Carlos in TX

    Mapping switch

    great for enduro and uphill difficulties, is a very good item for hard enduro and difficult terrains

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  • Trail Tech Complete Stator Kit

    Trail Tech Complete Stator Kit

    jeremy in SC


    Puts out tons of juice especially over stock unit really easy to install and I like the fact that I don’t have to have a switch for my light or fan when the bike is off

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