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Steering StabilizersSteering Stabilizers

Steering Stabilizers from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

High quality steering stabilizers by some of the top brands, at the best prices available.

Latest ATV Steering Stabilizers Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Precision Racing Steering Stabilizer

    Precision Racing Steering Stabilizer

    Richard in IL

    A must have

    I installed this Precision Stabilizer on a 2018 Yamaha Raptor 700R. Really made a noticeable difference when going down hills, ripping across flat areas, and my arms and shoulders were not trashed after the race. A must have.

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  • Streamline Billetanium Rebuildable ATV Stabilizer

    Streamline Billetanium Rebuildable ATV Stabilizer

    troy in WA


    Best money you can spend to save your wrists. Weather your on the trails or the sand this helps out so much. A must have

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  • Scotts Performance SUB Mount Complete Stabilizer Kit

    Scotts Performance SUB Mount Complete Stabilizer Kit

    Chris in ON

    Love these

    Had this same set up on my 200, love it. Install isn't easy (never mind the strapping the forks nonsense in the instructions, just take them off the bike) but once the tower is in place, you're set. I really like the product. Not cheap, but it's excellent if you can afford it.

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  • Clean Speed Steering Stabilizer Scotts Submount Cable Guide

    Clean Speed Steering Stabilizer Scotts Submount Cable Guide

    dustin in CA

    Clean speed cable guide

    Exactly what I was looking for. Keeps my throttle cable right where I want it.

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  • Honda Progressive Steering Damper Kit

    Honda Progressive Steering Damper Kit

    David in CO

    Awesome piece of kit.

    The 24mm is perfect for riding off road on my 17’ CRF450RX. It offers the perfect balance of dampening, even for dunes riding. And it’s a couple hundred dollars less expensive than the other options. Easy to install with zero modifications.

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  • GPR V4 Fat Bar Stabilizer Kit

    GPR V4 Fat Bar Stabilizer Kit

    M. in NM

    Not impressed

    First the install...after all done I spun it through the settings to check the operation. At 7 and 8 it flexed so much it actually spun the mount a little bit. To fix I had to tighten the one allen screw way tighter than what seemed sensible for the bolt size--I'd guess 100ft-lbs but its hard to tell because i only had long allen wrenches in that size, however it was literally all me and my bigger friend could push/pull. The engineering is unimpressive, especially for the cost. I'll be surprised if this thing lasts 200hrs. It looks good on the bike and I like the extra 1/2" or so height. As for the experience, I used it for 130 miles in everything from 90mph freeway, gravel roads, tight muddy forest single track, desert single track and sand, and deep sandy riverbeds. am definately regretting getting something that resists both directions. I was primarily concerned about tank slappers going 75+ in deeper sand, but even set on 2-3 it really distracted my desert singletrack and sandy whoops routine. Problem is it prevents you from doing your own correcting when the tire gets loose. It actually made me feel like a newby again, and pretty sure it actually caused me to dump it in 2 places I've been over a dozen times and never had trouble. The only time I felt it helped me was going straight up steep dirt hills and straight down long steep sandy hills where it usually wants to yank your wheel from you. I am hoping I getvused to it, but my initial feeling is its a huge waste of money on about $50!worth of engineering and parts.

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