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Steering StabilizersSteering Stabilizers

Motorcycle Steering Stabilizers

Does a motorcycle steering stabilizer make that much of a difference? You bet it does! Sport bikes are notoriously subject to wobbles at high speeds or after performing tricks, and nothing’s worse than finding yourself on a machine completely out of control. Put yourself back in control of your sport bike with a steering stabilizer. A damper makes it easier to steer when you want to and helps keep the fork stationary when you don’t want to. It’s the ideal upgrade for any high-speed street bike – and it’s an indispensable upgrade for anyone who races.

If you’re looking for a sport bike steering damper, you can’t go wrong with a GPR stabilizer. We’ve chosen to carry GPR products because of their unrelenting ability to perform at the highest level. In fact, they’re used by professional racers around the globe. The V4 stabilizer kit will add noticeable improvement to your motorcycle. Once it’s installed, you’ll never be able to go back.

To see if we have a steering stabilizer suitable for your motorbike, enter its make, model and year at the top of the page. Try it out right now to discover what could be in your high-performance future.

Latest Motorcycle Steering Stabilizers Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • GPR V4 Fat Bar Stabilizer Kit

    GPR V4 Fat Bar Stabilizer Kit

    Andrew in CA

    two thumbs up

    ordered on thursday, arrived on friday with standard shipping option - thanks RM. great product, easy to install, easy to adjust. wish i had bough years ago.

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  • Streamline Billetanium Rebuildable ATV Stabilizer

    Streamline Billetanium Rebuildable ATV Stabilizer

    Kody in AZ


    this product is aweful. installs relatively easy but does not do its job what so ever! especially in a racing eviornment! Cost me first place in the race I used it in!!!

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  • Precision Racing Steering Stabilizer

    Precision Racing Steering Stabilizer

    Landon in Iowa

    Must have in the woods.

    Must have for woods racing. Best purchase to date for racing (suspension is next) but the price hurts. The missing star is for price, not product quality.

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  • Scotts Performance SUB Mount Complete Stabilizer Kit

    Scotts Performance SUB Mount Complete Stabilizer Kit

    Charles in TX

    A Must Have For XC Racing!

    In my honest opinion this steering damper is one of the most advanced and may be more than you need for a Sunday cruise, but if you intend to push yourself and machine to the limit every time you ride then this piece of hardware is a Must Have in my opinion. It has already saved me multiple times by keeping the grips in my hands where they belong and not to mention the improved confidence knowing you have a Scotts Stabilizer. I would also like to mention that this kit will raise your bars about 25mm which actually may eliminate the need for bar risers. Overall well worth the money spent and time to install which was easy.

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  • Streamline Stabilizer Rebuild Kit

    Streamline Stabilizer Rebuild Kit

    Donald in NC

    Waste of time

    I would have been better off throwing the old stabilizer away and buying a new one. Kit was a waste of money in mmy book.

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