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Sound Systems from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Customize your ride with a high quality sound system.

Latest UTV Sound Systems Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • SSV Works Weather Proof Bluetooth Overhead 4 Speaker System

    SSV Works Weather Proof Bluetooth Overhead 4 Speaker System


    Good sound, well made but a couple kinks

    This over head unit is definitely made well and does have good sound, overall I am pretty happy with it, but there a few things I think they need to improve on and this unit would be great! 1- I'd really like to see the mounting hardware all counter sunk so those of us who run the metal roofs the screws don't make it stick up any more than it has to, plus I think it is a much better cleaner look. 2- They did not program an auto off in the unit, so if you forget and leave it on (which we all know will happen) it will eventually run the battery down. The only other option right now would be to run the power off the accessory with the key, but then of course you would always have to have the key on to use the overhead unit, I personally don't like that. 3- They decided to use a 30 pin connector inside the dry compartment, they say you can use an apple 30 pin to lighting adapter but then if you have an iPhone, you can not plug it in and have the phone fit inside the compartment, The compartment was solely made for iPods which I really think was a bad move, because everyone is using there phones now! 4- The unit is really not loud enough, if your just moving really slow and putting along, it's great, but if your in a loud environment or moving along faster, then it can be hard to hear. I really would like to see this have more power. 5- The bluetooth feature is great, but you do have to use both the overhead volume and phone volume ( i use an iPhone for my bluetooth source) The problem I have found is that the volumes are separate, meaning if you want to control the volume with the iPhone, then you have to turn the overhead units volume all the up and vise versa if you want to use the overhead units volume. Here is the issue... if you use your phone as the volume, like I do, when ever you power the overhead unit off then back on, it makes a ridiculously loud connecting sound, only way to avoid this is to turn the volume basically all the way down on the overhead unit every time before you power it off. 6- This one is not a big deal at all, but still just kinda silly... There is a display on the unit, but it is really hard to see. You literally have to be looking right up under it to read it.

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  • Polaris MTX Powered Subwoofer

    Polaris MTX Powered Subwoofer


    Good fit but horrible sub placement

    I have been doing audio systems for many years now and no, this is not a high end sub, but it still definitely does a good job. The enclose design is very good and fits as close to perfect as I've seen. It was easy to install and you can hardly even see it unless you know it's there. You do lose a little more than half the storage space in the glove box, but if you want bass you have to put it someplace and this is truly a great spot. As for the performance, it does a pretty good job... I really would like to see MTX use a higher watt amp, because I just don't think 200 watts is enough for a sub. I like the digital amp though for this set up because they draw very little power and run cool. No, it's not perfect, but it does a good job and I would still recommend it. The fit is really good, but they faced the subwoofer downward and literally right above where your left foot is and the speaker is very easily kicked and it will happen. All the plugs are proprietary to polaris, so unless you want to cut the plugs off, you'll need to also buy only the MTX by polaris overhead unit. This unit is not well thought out and needs work. I will be returning mine.

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  • Polaris MTX Overhead Audio POD with LED Cab Lights

    Polaris MTX Overhead Audio POD with LED Cab Lights

    Jamie in UT

    Audio POD

    I bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas. I was a little iffy on the price but now that we have it all set up, I am extremely happy with it. All of our friends speakers you cant hear that well when your driving but ours is clear as day. It comes with a little spot to put your phone and it's all padded inside which is a huge plus for me. The price is worth it!

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  • Pro Armor Sound Bar System

    Pro Armor Sound Bar System

    LEROY in AZ

    Awesome Product!!

    I recently bought this for my 2016 Teryx4. The install could have not been easier and I could not believe how well it sounds for such a simple sound bar. If your looking for the best, go with the 8 speaker system but for a small, light weight, crystal clear sounding system, the 4 speaker is a great product. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a simple great sounding sound bar for their UTV!!

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  • SSV Works Front Speaker Pods with Kicker Type M 6.5" Speakers

    SSV Works Front Speaker Pods with Kicker Type M 6.5" Speakers

    Gerardo in CA

    Great sound!

    Fit perfect and sounds great, music and dune riding can't beat that!

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  • SSV Works Weather Proof Bluetooth Overhead 2 Speaker Rear Add On

    SSV Works Weather Proof Bluetooth Overhead 2 Speaker Rear Add On

    ROBERT in UT

    Ssv rear speaker add on

    Awsome product, looks amazing tucks up nicely, easy install

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