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Brake Lines and CablesBrake Lines and Cables

Motorcycle Brake Lines and Cables

Unfortunately, being a motorcyclist on the road sometimes feels like being a target. Thanks to unobservant drivers, riding is dangerous enough; don’t complicate it by neglecting your brakes. When it’s time to replace your motorcycle brake lines, do it sooner than later.

Of course, a brake line doesn’t have to be dull. Take Goodridge brake lines for example (which we have available for several motorcycles). They are finely crafted out of stainless steel to offer a stunning look while maintaining their optimal condition. They feature braided brake lines, and this is important since braided lines resist expansion and preserve their stopping integrity. The fittings are chrome and offer a brilliant shine. A brake cable like this isn’t just concerned about the brake factor on your bike – it’s concerned about the bling factor as well. But Goodridge isn’t the only high quality brand we carry when it comes to motorcycle brake lines. We also stock others, including Galfer, another name renowned in the industry.

Properly functioning brakes are an essential part of motorcycle safety, and the brake line is one of the vital components to make it all work correctly. Pick up one of our brake line kits today, and restore your bike’s security while simultaneously enhancing its visual flair.

Latest Motorcycle Brake Lines and Cables Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Galfer Front Steel Braided Brake Line

    Galfer Front Steel Braided Brake Line

    Jason in IA

    Great upgrade

    This kit is a gives you great brake feel , no rubber expanding lines like the oem ones very simple and easy install came with clamps and all very high quality lines

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  • Blak Roket UTV Parking Brake System

    Blak Roket UTV Parking Brake System

    Dale in WA

    Quality parking brake

    This brake has a good quality parts that don't bend. It does the job and looks nice. Polaris should be putting them on at the factory.

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  • Tusk Front Motorcycle Steel Braided Brake Line

    Tusk Front Motorcycle Steel Braided Brake Line

    DANIEL in OR

    great line priced right.

    So bought this and installed it on a 2001 yz250f. I had to tweak the banjo fitting that attaches to the master cylinder. (do this by getting a smooth shank 10mm diameter bolt, or the banjo bolt and install the line in a vice, or the stock then use the bolt through the banjo to tweak to the desired angle.) I also dilled a couple more holes in the banjo bolts that came with it since there is only one hole on each bolt (be sure to deburr and remove chips if you do this) . Not sure how much a difference the extra holes make but line really improved lever feel on my Yamaha. the lever doesn't go to the grip anymore before it starts working. I routed the line through the stock hold point on the fork guard then drilled a couple holes and installed zip ties to hold it in the line holder. Pairing this line with some EBC mxs pads really made these wooden brakes come alive. they aren't as powerful as my KTM but they are pretty close now. great price, great line, with a few tweaks its perfect.

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  • Tusk Rear Motorcycle Steel Braided Brake Line

    Tusk Rear Motorcycle Steel Braided Brake Line

    Michael in PA

    Better than OEM

    This brake line seemed to give better feel than the stock braided line and looks good

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  • Tusk Front Motorcycle Steel Braided Brake Line CR Style

    Tusk Front Motorcycle Steel Braided Brake Line CR Style

    Ben in WV

    improves stopping power

    Installed this on my kx, and routed like a Honda , improved the feel at lever and helped stopping power

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  • Streamline Rear Steel Braided Brake Line

    Streamline Rear Steel Braided Brake Line

    Stephen in NC

    Poorest Build Quality

    Where to start.. I bought this brake line and installed it on my bike. The line was an odd length and did not fit on my bike well at all. As I was tightening the banjo bolts that came with the brake line, to factory settings, one of them snapped in half. Right then and there I should have quit, because after about 10 minutes of riding at my local trails, my rear caliber locked up, due to the brake line crimping. I ended up having to push the bike down a hill and then rev the piss out of in first gear with the brakes locked to get to the parking lot. I am highly dissatisfied with this product and will no longer buy any of streamline's products. I should have payed the extra $5 for the protaper brake line, better yet an oem suzuki line. Do not make the same mistake as me.

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