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Shocks from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

If you want to find out what your machine is really capable of, you’ve got to upgrade your shocks. The aftermarket UTV shocks that we carry aren’t just fine replacements; they’re full improvements over your stock parts to your vehicle’s suspension.

Installing a new set of shocks will improve your machine’s performance , and you’ll notice a big difference in the suspension right off the bat. This is especially true if you have an itch for high speeds and enjoy treacherously bumpy terrain.

In truth, anyone who owns a UTV can install aftermarket shocks and get a noticeable difference that will make them never look back. However, there are a few specific applications in which upgrading your suspension is highly recommended to maximum performance:

  • Racing: Speed is the name of the game when you race, and even the tiniest details matter. New and improved shocks will make a world of difference.
  • Aggressive Riding: There’s no shame in getting every bit of fun out of your UTV as possible, but if you plan on doing some seriously aggressive riding, make sure your machine’s suspension can handle it.
  • Extra Weight: One of the best parts of UTVs is that they can handle a lot. But whether you’re sporting an adventure in a four-seater or have a number of mods that are weighing your machine down, upgraded shocks can help your vehicle handle the extra weight.

If you’re ready to take your UTV’s suspension to the next level, pick up a set of shocks today.

Latest UTV Shocks Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Top Gun Rear Shock Spring

    Top Gun Rear Shock Spring

    Jason in Washington

    Spring Rate

    I purchased both the 6.6 and 8.0kg/mm springs, and proceeded set the sag on the KLR to be 33% of total travel or 3 inches(as recommended). I found that as a 160lb rider with no gear i achieved 2.5-2.75 inch of sag with the 8.0kg/mm sprig and the preload at a minimum. With that being said i see no reason to ever use the 6.6kg/mm spring. If your a very light rider perhaps the 7kg/mm spring would be better.

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  • Fastway Billet Shock Preload Collars

    Fastway Billet Shock Preload Collars

    Matthew in CO

    Not Great

    Nice looking pieces but I could not get them to stay tight. Comes with a nice spanner wrench but after multiple uses it starts to slip off the collars as the tool stretched out. I eventually started using punches but even then I had mixed results keeping the collars tight. ***Also note that KTM shocks need to be disassembled to change the preload collars.***

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  • Progressive Suspension "Larry Roeseler Series" Fork Springs

    Progressive Suspension "Larry Roeseler Series" Fork Springs

    KEVIN in AR

    Just what the bike needed

    These fork springs made the bike ride 100% better. No more major fork dive under braking or bottoming on the smallest obstacles. These are a must for any KLR 650 (especially 07 and earlier) unless you do a USD fork conversion. Add the eagle mike fork brace along with these springs and you have made your KLR like whole new bike.

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  • Works Performance A-T Steeler Front Shocks

    Works Performance A-T Steeler Front Shocks

    ANDREW in OR

    Great upgrade from stock

    These are a definite step up from most stock machines. They're not built as tough as Pep, Elka, WP, Axis and others, but the price point is right on with the Works Steelers. Adjustable and customized to your weight and riding style.

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  • Progressive Suspension 465 Series Monotube Shock

    Progressive Suspension 465 Series Monotube Shock

    Ian in AZ

    Best money I ever spent on the KLR.

    After 63,000 miles I decided to upgrade the front suspension. I have since put on 2,000 miles. The improvement in the forks is amazing, small to medium washboard, ruts and ridges virtually disappear. Feels much like the European bikes, however the larger pot holes and bumps are still very noticeable due to limited suspension travel (I believe). I would recommend this upgrade to anyone who rides dirt and gravel roads.

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