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Dirt Bike Suspension Parts

If you want to extend the life of your dirt bike, you can’t avoid proper maintenance of the suspension. There are many dirt bike suspension parts that frequently need to be replaced: bearings, bushings, seals, fork fluid, etc. There are quite literally a lot of moving parts, and it only takes one worn out piece to ruin an entire day’s ride.

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is renowned for carrying an extensive selection of dirt bike accessories at the best prices. You can see this with our assortment of suspension parts for dirt bikes. We have full bearing kits, shock seal kits, fork bleeders and fork bushings (among others). The prestigious brands we stock include All Balls, Race Tech, Tusk, Motion Pro, Pivot Works and many more. (And if you ever just want to stick to original stock replacements and avoid aftermarket parts altogether, you can always take a look at our OEM parts to find what you need!)

One of the ways that Rocky Mountain ATV/MC makes shopping for dirt bike suspension parts a breeze is with our integrated Parts Finder. All you need to do is enter your bike’s make, model and year, and you’ll be able to see exactly which parts fit your bike! Whether you’re a motocross enthusiast or a fan of solid outdoor trails, you can count on Rocky Mountain ATV/MC to supply your dirt bike suspension parts!

Latest Dirt Bike All Suspension Parts Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Race Tech Shock Spring

    Race Tech Shock Spring

    Glenn in CO

    Like getting a new bike.

    As with most Japanese bikes, my KLX400 came from the factory sprung for the average Asian male/American teen, say 140 lbs.. Several years of tweaking the settings on the suspension resulted in less than optimal performance. I replaced the springs front and aft with Race Techs in the proper weight range. Now, my admittedly portly DRZ clone handles much more nimbly. Best money I have ever spent on this bike.

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  • Obie Linkage Guard for Enduro Engineering Aluminum Skid Plate

    Obie Linkage Guard for Enduro Engineering Aluminum Skid Plate

    Jacob in IN

    Over priced junk

    I thought this would be a nice piece to have to protect my linkage just because I ride in areas with a lot of rocks and roots and logs. I was wrong. Did not come with instructions however did have you go to their website BUT THEIR website was not helpful at all and on top of it all they said they would need a longer bolts but did not supply the longer bolts. Overall the intentions of this product are good but the fitment absolutely sucked I had to tap my own holes into it because this predrilled holes we’re not big enough. I would not reccomend it.

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  • Tusk Billet WP Fork Adjuster Knobs

    Tusk Billet WP Fork Adjuster Knobs

    Kenny in AZ


    Add some bling while increasing the durability of the adjuster. The air cap is large and much easier to keep track of than the stock cap.

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  • Enduro Engineering Skidplate Mounted Linkage Guard

    Enduro Engineering Skidplate Mounted Linkage Guard

    Kenny in AZ

    Excellent product!

    I bought it more as a mud flap to protect the linkage bearings, but I've dragged it over some proper rocks, and it's done it's job admirably! Installation to the enduro engineering skid plate was easy and simple and has proven durable.

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  • Race Tech Shock Nitrogen Charging Bolt

    Race Tech Shock Nitrogen Charging Bolt

    Kenny in AZ

    bad threads - poor quality

    I can't believe I paid $15 for a screw! A screw that was mis-cut and nearly wiped the threads out of the shock resevoir! I had to pull out all my machinist tricks to get this to thread in. While torquing it, the head rounded out. This thing is made of some extremely soft steel... I cannot in good conscience recommend that anyone buy this except for as a last resort. I wish I had gone the route I have before and tapped the resevoir for an air tank scraeder valve. Trash!

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  • Motion Pro Micro Fork Bleeder

    Motion Pro Micro Fork Bleeder

    Aaron in NV


    Allows you to easily bleed off the pressure in the forks before a ride. Install is simple, you may need to rotate your forks a little in the triple clamps to gain access.

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