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Avon Dual Sport Motorcycle Tires from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Avon dual sport motorcycle tires in multiple sizes with the best prices.

Latest Tires and Wheels Avon Dual Sport Motorcycle Tires Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Avon Trailrider AV53 Dual Sport Front Motorcycle Tire

    Avon Trailrider AV53 Dual Sport Front Motorcycle Tire

    Daniel in CO

    Great tire hands down

    I got 10K out of one front while going through 2 rears. The front still has tread depth to keep running, but is scalloping some on the edge of tread blocks and will be replaced out of prudence. They perform very well on pavement and twistys, good stopping power even when worn. Never had any front end niggles during a few pavement downpours. Offroad the performance depends entirely on the road surface, would be fine for good weather ADV use, but in mud or sand a loaded bike will struggle. Ran @ 33PSI

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  • Avon Trailrider AV54 Dual Sport Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Avon Trailrider AV54 Dual Sport Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Daniel in CO

    Great tire for rare dirt excursions

    I got 5000 miles out of 2 rears, using the same front through both of them. I did light touring with mixed cruising-twisty day rides on these, no long days on the superslab. My offroad experience was limited, but very good. I was caught on a dirt county road shorty after a mag-chloride mix was applied, which made for an uncomfortably slick top layer for 5 miles, which these tires handled great. Regular dirt is fine without a hot wrist. The on-road grip was very good IMO, the feedback was less than other sportier tires. Slight squaring off the rears at time of replacement, but it was a rounder flat area in the rear, the dual compound helped it from become so square it ruins the handling. Front is nearing needing to be replaced at 10k, there is some 'scalloping' of the tread, handing has not been affected. FYI for any buyer, these tires are louder than street tires, slight hum will be noticeable under 65 mph. Ran 33-36 front and 38-42 rear based on load.

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  • Avon Trekrider AV85 Dual Sport Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Avon Trekrider AV85 Dual Sport Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Andrew in OH

    Fast 50/50 Tire

    This tire is the fastest tire I've ever ran on my bike. This tire has an aggressive round profile for peg grinding speed on the tarmac, rain or shine, but also hooks up great on the gravel and dirt. It can get loaded in mud if you don't keep the wheel speed up to self-clean, but most 50/50 tires are that way. If you've run the K60 in the past and didn't care for the street manners, this is the tire for you, an absolutely faultless road tire with trail performance comparable to the K60. The K60 will likely win over in the longevity department, but that comes at a price of squaring off badly with age and questionable wet weather performance. The Avon stays round with wear and is the best rain tire I've ran.

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