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Sport Touring Motorcycle Tires from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Touring motorcyclists have no boundaries; from highlands to main lands, they’re used to long days on their bike and enjoy every minute of it. Sport touring motorcycle tires need a wider tread to eliminate the water, mud and dirt that can accrue during foul weather conditions and Rocky Mountain ATV/MC has a huge selection to choose from like Dunlop Sportmax Roadmart II or Michelin Pilot Road 3. The Bridgestone Battlax BT014 provides ideal traction, shock absorption, wet performance and noise reduction for sport touring enthusiasts and the Avon AV46 Azaro motorcycle tire was specifically engineered to handle heavy carrying loads when traveling from continent to continent.

For over 28 years, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC has literally made it their business to cater to all types of riders, including sport touring motorcyclists who require specific tires for the sport they love. We’ve made it easy to find the sport touring motorcycle tires you need for your specific bike, but if you ever have any questions regarding motorcycle tires or anything else, simply call us at 1-800-336-5437 and our friendly and extremely knowledgeable customer service representatives will be happy to help.

Once you shop at Rocky Mountain ATV/ you’ll never shop anywhere else because we always have the biggest selection, great prices and phenomenal customer service. Plus, your motorcycle tires are shipped out the same day, allowing you to get back in the saddle – fast.

Latest Tires and Wheels Sport Touring Motorcycle Tires Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Pirelli Diablo Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Pirelli Diablo Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Dick in New Jersey

    Steer clear

    Steer clear from this tire if you expect a reasonable amount of grip. Bought these tires like above folks. When warm these are OK at best, never really inspired confidence and just a very bland feeling having these tires under you, very little feedback or sense of grip. Lasted about 3k on the rear. Front could last longer but I feel like it will start to cup in 1k miles or less. Spend the extra ca$h and get something other than this!

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  • Michelin Pilot Power Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Michelin Pilot Power Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Vincent in NJ

    Great Tire

    After stock Dunlop went to the Michelin Power Pure, road it till it balded, didn't like them at all. Then slapped these bad boys on and immediately felt the difference. These tires warm up so quickly that as soon as I took my first jug handle (less than a mile from home) I normally took, they started to over steer. This is my 2nd set and I doubt I'll ever change because these tires are exactly what I am looking for. If you decide to go with these tires you'll definitely not be sorry.

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  • Bridgestone Battlax Sport Touring T30 EVO Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Bridgestone Battlax Sport Touring T30 EVO Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Mitch in Wisconsin

    Started out great but faded

    Bought these before a 2 week, 6,000 mile trip out west. Curvy roads and only limited interstate riding. Once scrubbed in they felt great, turned in quick and held nice lines. The last 1,000 miles I could definitely feel that they were squaring off. I know all tires do that but these seemed a bit ahead of schedule. With 6,000 miles on them I have about 40% tread depth to the wear bars left. I won't let them go that long as they are starting to loose their feeling. I also locked the rear brake at 2 different stop lights. I was going for an "8" stop and ended up pulling a "9.5" but I didn't think I was on the rear THAT hard. Made me loose a little faith. If you are looking for a lower mileage tire that feels good, they are a solid option for the price. However, I will probably be replacing them with something different.

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  • Michelin Anakee 3 Front Adventure Touring Motorcycle Tire

    Michelin Anakee 3 Front Adventure Touring Motorcycle Tire

    William in New Hampshire

    NOISY Trumps Excellent Handling

    Purchased front and rear Anakee 3s about a month or so ago for 2008 BMW R1200Gs with 13K miles on it. Put about 1,000 miles or so on the tires at factory recommended pressures. Great cornering stability, wet surface traction, etc., but they are the NOISIEST tires I have ever owned or ridden on! 40-45mph and 60-65mph ranges are worst for incredible howling - - sounds like a wheel bearing is going or your tranny is on its last leg. Actually hurts my ears at times. In spite of their strengths in handling, etc., these tires are poorly designed for reasonably quiet road travel - - which is what most R1200GS owners are primarily using their bikes for. Michelin should have pulled these from the market a long time ago. And shame on BMW for deciding to use them as standard equipment on R1200GS models of recent manufacture. Who at Michelin or BMW actually TESTS any of these products? Would never buy this product again, because UNREASONABLY LOUD ROAD NOISE trumps just about everything in my book . . . especially with a bike that sports a heritage of quiet operation.

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  • Bridgestone Battlax BT45 H-Rated Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Bridgestone Battlax BT45 H-Rated Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Dillon in WV

    Rear Tire

    Purchased this tire several times now, wears great and lasts a long time

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  • Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart II Sport Touring Radial Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart II Sport Touring Radial Rear Motorcycle Tire

    BRIAN in CA


    Great tire for the money. Ten times better than the OEM Bridgestones. Not the best, like a Michelin but the Dunlop is less money. Really good at everything. Good handling, wear, and overall performance. I have about 5500 miles on the tire and it is almost worn out. Might get 6500 miles out of this tire. Handling is suffering a little bit due to the wear.(Normal for any tire) I use this bike for commuting and sport riding.

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